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Natalia Poklonskaya

Quick draw Natalia Poklonskaya (Наталья Поклонская).…

p/s: I am really happy that many people share my work on the Internet. Thanks you all so much xD
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I bet she is the most beautiful prosecutor in history!
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Крым наш ! Привет из России ^^ (Russia)
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"I'm an attorney, not a Pokemon or something!"

Bullshit, Natalia; You're fucking beautiful. If you've got it, flaunt it!
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To the people complaining:
why don't you rant this much at Obama, hitler, Putin anime fanart? XD it's honestly the same thing. It's just a meme.
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There is no way Putin's little attorney general can be this cute!
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I don't understand. Why is she sooo popular? The only thing she is involved in is politics. I don't understand why they draw her. Why not draw Putin in anime. Like, WTF?
Or Obama. 
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Because she is cute, I think so
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There are tons of girls involved with politics that are cute. They deserve as much love as Natalia. 
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KAWAII Nathalia desu ^-^
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NBC reminds everyone to turn in for "Allegiance" and for all the Hollywood movies that will get make about the cold war. 
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You know its good when even your Dad is in.
russian fascist whore.

butthurting salnick.

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At first I thought this was part of some anime until I actually looked around Wikipedia (And also there is a Civilization V mod with her as leader of a custom civ known as Crimea ironically, using this very picture)..

I don't mind the artwork, its great but....

How the hell did things start up like this? First time I've seen an internet meme of anime drawing a political figure from real life.

Humanity is slowly losing it's sanity in my opinion.
Mynameisblupyro's avatar
She annexed Crimea, and my heart <3
Eastern-European politics is slowly becoming anime
bignick142's avatar
I was really surprised when I found she was actually a real person.
HungerGamesFan10's avatar
Wonderful drawing, but I still don't understand why she gets all of this attention...  :shrug:
Armored-Wolf's avatar
I don't get it either. I mean, no political anime drawings, and then all of a sudden, "Oh, look at this average-looking politically important woman! Let's make her look cute."
I don't understand.
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Yeah. If this is the case, how come we don't see any cute pics of other female politicians?
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