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FREE (Simple) Itachi Icon by Rei-Ku
Zombie Scribble by Freesthers
Uchiha Brothers doodle by Freesthers
Tragedy by Freesthers
Uchiha Itachi by FleurdRae
Itachi and Dafu Relax by Yoitefriend
''Insolent BRAT!'' by Sapphiresenthiss
YCH Commission for SpiritOfStars - 2 by Micha19
C: Ana-Uzumaki by Km92
Merry Christmas: Itachi, Dafu, kisame and Genie by Yoitefriend
Happy Halloween! by Yoitefriend
Inktober 2018 #23 - Itachi by Celia-D
Itachi by ZQ42
Itachi :) by ZQ42
Itachi++ by ZQ42
Itachi by ZQ42
There are too many crows in the Naruto Meme by goldenlucario1
Itachi and Dafu, first Encounter. by Yoitefriend
Raven vol 1 by satellist
Falling down_Art from Part 2 by euphoriadOll
Itachi by MarinaArens
Itachi Uchiha by MarinaArens
Itachi Uchiha cosplay by Elena89Hikari
Training- Itachi Uchiha by KimyuAka
Dafu and Itachi nighttime by Yoitefriend

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Hey guys!

Over 5,000 members and 11 years. Wow this is an old group, and it's still going strong.
Please be patient with the submission process, resubmit if it expires if you want.
If anybody hasn't noticed yet, this group is not a priority in my life. That is why things are slow.
It is only :iconfreesthers: and me doing this.

Check these out!

:thumb372023108: Itachi Uchiha by Freesthers Genjutsu by Akitozz6 My Brother and I by nanokorea
Commission - Throwing training by SatokoChaaan Itachi Alt by hollowkingking 577 . w o r s t .  t h a n . i . e x p e c  t e d by usura-tonkachi

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Purple haze by Nivalis70
More Journal Entries

Our Lovely Itachi Uchiha


Age: 21
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 58 KG
blood type: AB
Ninja I.D #: 012110
Birthday: June 9th
Favourite foods: Rice balls (kelp), Cabbage
Least Favourite Food: Steak
Favourite Word: Peace
Personality: (Caring) for his brother, self sacrificing
Hobby: Visiting shops were you can eat sweets

Mother's name: Uchiha Mikoto

Father's name: Uchiha Fugaku

Younger Brother: Uchiha Sasuke

Assignments completed: 53 D rank, 152 C rank, 134 B rank, 0 A rank, 1 S rank

Nin 5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 5 - Int 5 - Str 3.5 - Spe 5 - Sta 2.5 - Sea 5

(ABOVE: from first to last: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu,Genjutsu,Intelligence,strength,speed,stamina,seal) **5 is the highest

* This information was retrieved from the official Naruto handbook



1. Featured Folder- Pictures that are exceptional in the principles of art and design will be placed here by myself and admins only.

2. Digital - Submit your digital artwork of Itachi to this folder! Please do not send me pictures of screen shots of the SIMS game but Characters made entirely by yourself for the sims game are okay. DO not send unfinished works.

3. Traditional - Submit your pieces that were completed in a traditional media such as ink, pencil crayons, paint and such.

4. Sketches - Here you can submit your sketches of Itachi can be digital or traditional media - this does not mean WIP that are half way done. this means line work! Have fun with this!!

5. Comics - Yes, comics!! If you have made a comic with a considerable amount of Itachi (based off him), post your comic here! This includes one page short comics as well. (I only accept completed comics - not from your math class doodles)

6. Cosplay - Submit your cosplay pictures of Itachi here! They must be original and preferable creative, or funny. Nothing snap shot like.

7. FanFaction - Please submit appropriate Itachi FanFiction - it must be about him. Itachi can not be just a side character!

Submission Rules

IMPORTANT: Submit your piece to the correct gallery folder! If I'm in a bad mood I'll deny it!

1. You can contribute art if you are a MEMBER of this club

2. The artwork must have Itachi Uchiha in it

3. The artwork must be of your original work (references from the manga or anime are okay)

4. It must be FINISHED work (no sketches that are messy and unfinished!) I DON'T WANT MATH CLASS DOODLES. (the sketches section it is okay but try to clean it up!)

5. I do NOT accept icons/banners/backgrounds made from other people's fan art (unless you prove written permission)or official artwork from Naruto. read here: FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions? and here: FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

7. I have all rights to decline artwork that is submitted to the gallery with no question.

8. ANY Pairings is okay but nothing too sexual for more information look here: # 284 [link]
and here: #565 [link]

Please take note that sometimes you might find something in the club that does not fit these rules. If you somehow do please tell me. Human error does happen and I'm more then happy to fix it.
Remember there is only one person running this club, Kinpouju, so note me if you have a problem.

If you have videos of Itachi that you want to share with us send a note to me! I will post them if they are appropriate!

Group Info

To recognize and appreciate Uchiha Itachi - One of the most interesting and complex characters from the series Naruto. This fan club is Number one for fan listing, contests and general discussion.
Join if you love Uchiha Itachi!
Founded 17 Years ago
Oct 7, 2004


5,236 Members
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340,325 Pageviews


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