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Shooting Starmie ::GIFT::

By Itachi-Roxas
:iconprofoakplz::iconsaysplz: "Its core shines in many colors and sends radio signals into space to communicate with something"

Starmie (c) Nintendo
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This is super cute!
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rainbow dash EqG 3 (thumb) plz Now that's just 500% Cooler!
*looks around*
EqG Rainbow Dash (Air Guitar) Plz But not as cooler than me though, tch
Itachi-Roxas's avatar
:iconrobbievplz::iconterrenceplz::iconlars--plz: Yeah riiiiiiiiight!!! *laughs like a jerk*

:iconstarmieplz: *squirts water on all three of them* *voiced by tara strong* Looks like you boys are all wet!! 
BigMacSama's avatar
Trixie Evil Laugh In your faces!!!
*They run away crying to their moms*
The Great and Powerful Trixie must bid you farewell!
*throws smokescreen bomb on the ground and vanishes*
Human Pinkie Pie Mad Emoticon. That'll teach them a thing or two!
EqG Rainbow Dash (Laid-back) Plz What a buncha crybabies.
EQG Rarity Icon #2 Hmph! It would serve them right!
Human Fluttershy Angry Emoticon. Especially if they talk mean like that.
EQG Applejack Icon #1 I second that motion alright.
twilight sparkle EqG (hmm...) plz Though I am certainly curious about that Poke'mon being able to talk
Starlight Glimmer 3 Could be Discord at it again
Sunset Shimmer Thinking Base. Or it could be Bill Cipher doing it...One of the two
Eclipsa Butterfly (gif animation) Actually no, my dear ladies. It was me, sorry for that. Guess I always got sick and tired of them saying their names and wanted them to talk for a change, so I used that spell that makes them able to talk like human beings.
Spike Lame Emoticon. Oh that explains everything!