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Sci-Fi Bad Ass

This started out as a pure BW sketch but It turned out well enough to take it a little further. I'll be doing a bunch of Sci-Fi Babes in the weeks to come.
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you should definitely do more this style of work, plenty of ass jokes to be made
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Bad ass... Not joking 
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Yeah I was wondering how someone could be bad ass in just their socks but I guess if she just kicked yours then....

Actually what grabs me is the bubble mask, kind of mixes retro ray gun sci fi with a "Pulp Fiction" feel and for some reason I like that.
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One would have to be bad ass to go out butt kicking in one's socks. She looks great!
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Really good work. I like the way you drew her face, and the pose is really nice. But I am not sure about her breasts. I am not sure but her left breast (form her point of view) shouldnt be this...visible. I hope you understand me, because my english isn´t the best actually. Anyway you seem to be really talented, have to check out your gallery.
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