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Let Down Your Hair

I did this piece for the The Great Big Gorjuss Brothers Grimm Contest, and of course, this is the leading lady from "Rapunzel". Why did I choose to illustrate from Rupunzel? Because her hair is freaking long. Yep, it's the hair. Can you imagine having SO MUCH HAIR? I always wondered why she didn't just cut it herself, hang it out the window, and climb down herself. Anyway, I tried to imagine what it would be like to have hair about 5 stories long, and thought about how much trouble it would be to style. So I imagined poor Rapunzel practically getting engulfed by her own hair. OK, enough about inspiration. All I have to say now, is that the next painting I hair. I got so tired of painting hair! *shakes fist at Rapunzel!* It took about 3 hours just to paint her hair.....

watercolor and colored pencil on paper

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she´s in problems
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Perfect!!so cute...
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yes this is the true story of rapunzel
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Glad you like it!
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luv dis work u got going! ^_^
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lovely, 3 hours to paint her hair? that is amazing! how long did it take to create whole work?
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Hi! I don't remember how long the whole piece took me (It was a few years ago). but I do remember working on it off and on for a weekend.
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Absolutely lovely! ;D her expression is priceless...this would look so good in an actual storybook!
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"Sorry I'm in the middle of brushing it!" Haha!

Lovely art work!
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Haha! she could build a palace out of that hair! Do you use watercolours, copics or inks?
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Hi, this piece was done in watercolor, with some colored pencil touch ups. However, my most recent works in my gallery are digital.
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I always wondered about that too! One day my friend was complaining about how her hair gets frizzy when its hot and then it made me think about how Rapunzel's hair would look like if it got frizzy? I just thought of poofy frizzy hair everywhere! Haha, anyways, love the pic!
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Really sweet !!! :)
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Every day is a bad hair day for Rupunzel :D
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