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Tombejour (The Carnholt compendium 1)

By Istrandar
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Location  Carnholt
I am taking advantage of the confinement to create a project of mine : "The Carnholt compedium".
A collection of artwork about the Carnholt forest and it's inhabitant, a setting I am creating for a d&d campain. Expect monsters, characters and forgotten places.
I will be posting every wednesday and saturday an entry to the compendium, I hope you will enjoy it.

"Tombejour is a small town at the door of the Carnholt forest. It is said to have been built on holy grounds. Old toumbstones litter the ground and regular offering are made to them by the inhabitants ot protect themselves from the old evil lurking in the forest. This toumbstone take the shape of the cross of Dianthor, a demigod said to have emprisoned the apostate-king in the forest.

The town is quite rich despite it's appearence. The black carnation, a flower used for alchemy that can only be found in the forest is the main source of profit in the town.
The town often need to hire mercenaries to hunt the abomination that prey upon humans."

I hope you like this ! Don't hesitate to leave your thoughts about this project,

Have a nice day
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Yeh, you see a town like that - go back the way you came LOL, fast!
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A Madoka witch would not look out of place in your pic.
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Phenomenal! Marvelous atmosphere, makes me wanna wander around this city and explore it with a shiver down my spine. Amazing work with colors here!

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I wish I could really go and explore this place! I wish it was a video game! So so beautiful to look at, and the backstory is very intriguing. Cannot wait to see more of it!

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Love this pic. Good start. I'll be looking forward to your additional pics.

This feels heavily lie ka dark souls location you either start in or reach later. I love it so much. Love these kind of locations and deigns. ^-^
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Thanks :)

It is really cool you feel this vibe, I was really trying to do something feeling like out of a dark souls.

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More like Bloodborne and Dark Souls combinedWhen the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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Nice! It reminds me of Spook City in Never Ending Story as it's being taken by the Nothing.

I like the rotted look you gave everything, with the lights giving the impression that strange things or people are living there.

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ooh spooky <3 but love it! 
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Great work🔥🔥👌

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the Ambient is really catching eyes. 
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Great work, very atmospheric. 
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