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The Valshar

"Once a thriving city, ashar was overun by the bat like being that are know called the Valshar. With its strange new habitant a curse came. A curse that drive stole the sun from its warmth, a curse that plundge the city in a strange and neverending twilight, a curse that makes the city slowly sink into the depth of the earth.  Now only the fool enter the sunken city, trying to find the lengendary source of all this madness. But none of them can escape valshar and their deep hunger for the light that linger within all of us"
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Amazing work on this!👍👍
Krookodile553's avatar
"Ah, a hoonter are ya? What a mess you've been caught up in..."
cologoboyz's avatar
this is truly epic
stonywings's avatar
This looks amazing! It just seeps of cool atmosphere!
Very cool concept and creature design.
Selina727's avatar
Farewell, good hunter.
Hope you brought galoshes.
ChristopherDrey's avatar
Love the composition! Gj!
SuperSUfan's avatar
Very very Bloodborne like!
Sinfullwest's avatar
This looks really good, I love the texture!
MervynArt's avatar

Very awesome lighting and rendering there mate :D

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Looks great, this would be an excellent scenario for a DnD campaign =D If they Valshar have different forms / monster sheets It`s even better.
Hell, there would be a nice environment variety aswell - much different from the stone dungeon usual thing
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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This is so cool omg LOVE IT!

Kyouken0w0's avatar
MadWolf8804's avatar
Pretty cool! Reminds me a bit of Bloodborne. :)
Very cool piece.
Lone1Coww's avatar
perfect compositioning. amazing
Wink/Razz Wink/Razz 
Gguywesker101's avatar
Really neat looking, i especially like how everything has a brown tint to it.
CuteandSexyRobot's avatar

pretty cool, i love it when fantasy uses other time periods then just 10th century western europe as inspiration. the outfit on the guy for example seems to be more inspired by 17th and 18th european fashion.

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Good morning, the Valshar look cool!!!!!!!!!. 
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