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L'ost de Fulorin

"Ho yes lad, he was a great king, but not a good one. The legend tell us that his ambition was only dwarfed by his wrath. For many years he fought countless battle. But it all stoped when he found it. A small candle shining an otherworldy light, taken on the grave of an old things that lived there before mankind. As time passed he grew attach to it and spent more and more time into his ost, his cold castle staring into the light. He started to study it, and book replaced the sword. He discovered many things about humankind in this light. So many thing that he learn how to transcende humanity. Shaping the light within all of us into something else,and shaping the body to support the newfound strenght. The folk at the castle slowly was morphed into something else. Until the fort grew silent. Deprived from any human voice.
Only remained a stranged light and a tale to be told, for the kingdom of Fulorin was no more. "

Something I made inspired some bloodborne concept art. Cainhurst castle is such an great looking  zone that I wanted to make something like this for a long time now.
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HO! That is Count Dracula's castle from the original Castlevania game. No mistaking it. All the elements are there and at an angle we've never SEEN before! Cool work!

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It's funny you are not the first one to say that. I have never played castlevania so I don't really know, I might have been inspired by image before but it wasn't intendeed.

Was mostly inspired by the cainhurst castle in bloodborne ( but I think it was itself inspired by the Castlevania so in the end it takes the same root (I mean it is called the damn castle of cainhurst and it was the resting place of the vileblood who are pretty much vampires )

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This picture is gorgeous
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Honestly, reading the description, this could be a GREAT aberrant dungeon for DnD. 
Considering that aberrants are my favourite type of monster I might try to make a one shot based on this idea - thx for the inspiration! o/
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No problem, gald you like it ! I actually made it with a campaign I might start soon in mind, so that's where the story came.

beutifully eerie work.
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I like the mood in this one.

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Wow it's like straight out of Castlevania.
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That’s it! My next holyday destination!

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Have fun, they say the ambiance is quite deadly but if you want to chill it is the right place !

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And, if I'm lucky enough, maybe I could get a Forever Free Ticket...
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This looks great!
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ooh spooky castle 
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Gloomily. that's fine.

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The atmosphere of the picture is impressive!
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Awesome! ❤
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It's absolutelly perfect!

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It feels like something out of a movie.
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This is my new wallpaper
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