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It was said that he would swallow the star and devour the gods, so he was restrained, not with steel but with a chain of silk. Betrayed by the gods who raised him Fenrir will lie alone until Ragnarök.
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This is really really cool, would it be ok if I used it as inspiration for a tattoo?

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For now all Fenrir can do is suffer. But the day will come when he runs free, howling in rage at his betrayal, his upper jaw knocking the stars out of the heavens and his lower dragging the depths of the sea, to bring death to Odin.

Your artwork is INCREDIBLE! What is the best way to reach out to you about using some of your art in a small Non-commercial Project?

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Hey Dude.

I will use this awesome artwork of yours on my personal blog I am thinking of creating ;P. Just letting you know I will add attr to the image.

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It's all Odin's fault :(

gurpreetKaler18's avatar

How is this Odin Fault?

Fenrir was born to kill the Odin during Ragnarock event. Since, Fenrir is a God and son of loki is cannot be killed. Odin is just saving himself. All of us will do the same if we knew h who is going to kill us.

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But it's precisely by trying to save himself that he precipitated Ragnarök and his own death. If he hadn't been so horrible to Fenrir, the wolf wouldn't have had any reason to want him dead.

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They betrayed Fenrir because he was growing larger and larger. Fenrir was living peacefully until they restrained him.

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Hey man, just to let you know, someone on twitter reposted your artwork with no credit.…
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Thanks for notifying me !

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"this is a literal beast of the end times, and he will rampage during the war and ragnarok, devour the sun and all the stars, and maul the gods and root out yggdrasyl"

society: "oh, poor puppy, here, let me take of those these binds"

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Well, I mean, Fenrir didn't do anything wrong and was co-existing peacefully with the aesir until they betrayed him because he was getting big. On top of that I think you'd also be pissed beyond reasoning if all your friends tied you up, stuck a sword in your mouth, and left you for alone for years. So yeah actually, poor puppy.

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ohh thats sad man ! what is going to happen with him ?

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that's gotta hurt

A lot of beautiful work i see there, especially combination between silk and his fur

Let the cute pupper go

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That's one big dog

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