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Behemoths of the depths

"Beneath the waves, the void"
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creepy... love it!! (and B4 you ask yes that is how dark my soul is) :+fav:

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The grey/black spikes that the vicious creatures swim around to avoid being impaled, these sharks with their ruggid skin, sharp ends on their fins, color scheme of grey, red violet to represent the skin and and blood that is on their skin, white to show how clean the teeth are, after they have devoured their prey/enemies and the diagonal lines with the careful precision of the color pencil, to capture the fear that they strike into the hearts of millions and the tough exterior that showcases their great defenses against all odds. (except the berardius whale, whose is much bigger and stronger than any shark. It would take an army of sharks to possibly take that creature down.) The light reflecting their backs and the shadows shown below the depths of the sea, signifies that they are on the hunt and ready to conquer whoever stands in their way. Whether that be human or any fish creature that swims by. As the four sharks are distanced from one another, they are ready to attack their prey on all sides, if it chooses to escape. Once they are done, that elegant and beautiful shade of grey/navy blue that encapsulates the sea with a wide array of shading and giving the perspective that we are somewhat near by these dangerous sharks, will soon be a simple palette of red and many shades of it.

More analyzation coming soon. Too mentally drained at the moment.

I love how creepy the creatures are! The design is gold and the piece itself is just- more than gold! I can't imagine swimming with those things lol

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This creature has an amazing design.... great job! :)

Dishonored whales ?

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Indeed, the more around them is just inspiring

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Whoa this is so cool
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