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Analyzing Dandelions: Villain and Hero
- On the hero and villian -
One day we decided to take a drive out to find a puppy for my younger brother as a birthday present. We had looked up an old farm where a brand new litter of german shepherds had just been born a few weeks prior and figured that was a pretty good place to start. The farm was about an hour or so drive through the country- flat land alternating with golden rows of shimmering wheat and tall, green stalks of corn.
I glanced sideways, trying not to take my eyes off the road for too long. “What?”
“People are so strange.”
I chuckled out loud beside myself. “Yeah, I know. What makes you say that though?”
“Have you ever noticed how there’s always got to be a hero and a villain?”
“Uh.. wait what?”
“In every story or movie there’s always the good guy and the bad guy, you know?”
I nodded.
“Why do you think that is?”
“Well… uh… we alway
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Analyzing Dandelions: Beginnings
“Do you know why we are not immortal?”
“Because one day you and I will both die?”
Irritated, she shoved me. “I’m serious!”
“So am I.”
She rolled her eyes then focused them on something in the distance, her feet swinging below the bench. I watched each of her exhales into the crisp, cold night air. “I think we die because if we didn’t we might not not know everything.”
I tried to figure it out in my head-honest I did!- but I couldn’t help but laugh. She hit me this time. “Ow! Really, I’m sorry… can you please explain that a little differently?”
With a sigh,she began.
“I think… we have to die. If people lived forever, we would eventually answer all of the questions. That’s all people are, you know. Just a bunch of… questions. ‘What’s for dinner? How’re you? What’s going on? Who’s that? When are we supposed to be there? What time is
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Mature content
The Gridd: Chapter One. :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 0 4
The Gridd: Prologue
- Prologue-
Not too far along our time stream, there existed a planet inhabited almost entirely by carbon based organisms. The most advanced species, those who called themselves the humans, named their home planet Earth. The species itself, it seemed, belonged to a bafflingly paradoxical existence. One cluster of these humans could be spotted dedicating their entire lives to helping others. They could be seen fighting for equality amongst one another, or saving the lives  of their species near extinction. They were unfathomably compassionate and caring creatures. Some humans, however, lacked this essential aspect of their personalities. Early on in their evolution the creatures created war. They fought and massacred each other for multiple millennia for varied reasons; sometimes for their believed creator, sometimes over their currency, sometimes simply for conquest over another. In a few instances their entire world was at war. Once, the first world war, an Archduke was assassina
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Hello, waves. by isthisjackie Hello, waves. :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 2 0 Happy Belated Birthday, Marilyn. by isthisjackie Happy Belated Birthday, Marilyn. :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 3 3 The Lonely Road. by isthisjackie The Lonely Road. :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 7 3 Even the Young have a sense of humor. by isthisjackie Even the Young have a sense of humor. :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 1 0 A little waterfall by isthisjackie A little waterfall :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 5 0 Through The Tree Tops. by isthisjackie Through The Tree Tops. :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 2 3 The Pathway. by isthisjackie The Pathway. :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 4 3 Reflection by isthisjackie Reflection :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 6 5 In a Pickle. by isthisjackie In a Pickle. :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 5 2 Smile and Bear With Me. by isthisjackie Smile and Bear With Me. :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 2 15 Twisted Tree. by isthisjackie Twisted Tree. :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 0 0 Weeds or flowers? by isthisjackie Weeds or flowers? :iconisthisjackie:isthisjackie 1 0




Hello! Its been a while, I know. :P I've come back to start a fictional vignette-style series from the perspective of a young man named Isaac. It's pretty much going to be about his relationship with his best friend, Laila, whom he lost to an ominous event. He's not the most reliable narrator, but he definitely means well. He gives detailed accounts of the time they spent together and all of their conversation as he writes in memoriam. The two young adults talk about each other, people, life, and the world around them. The series is meant to represent the time in our lives when we begin to develop our own ideas and morals, taking some from friends or from family and then crafting it into our own. My aim isn't for the series to be a light read by any means; the content itself is sometimes philospohical or deep. For this reason each addition won't be terribly long as so to make it enjoyable. I would absolutely adore some criticism on any of the pieces! :) Hope you enjoy! 


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Jacqueline Marie
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello! My name is Jackie and I aspire to be a better writer.

I'm kind of obsessed with quotes, stories, pinterest, doctor who, and- like any teenager- myself in one way or another. I'm fairly nice, or at the very least polite, so I don't mind getting messages! :)

I'm awfully sorry if I don't respond super fast, given the fact that I don't frequent a computer. Usually just on my cell phone.

If there is one thing you need to know about me, it is that I am a self-proclaimed hipster who doesn't care what you or anyone thinks (no offense, really). The second thing you would need to know about me is that I'm a lunatic. So there's that. I also participate (and by "participate" I mean dedicate a whole lot of my time) in Speech and Debate at my school. Surprise, surprise- I'm in original! Also, in case you weren't sure, I think I'm hilarious. In fact, I always laugh at my jokes because no one else will. ;)

Fun fact: I can't ride a bike.
Another fun fact: I don't partake in relationships. (See: "lunatic")

I super-duper enjoy critique on ANY of my work, so if you have any please don't be shy. :)

To be honest, I'm incredibly accepting and understanding, and I totally love deep philosophical conversations.

So. That's me in a nutshell I suppose.

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