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ripped metal effect in gimp

alson, over at GUG asked if this can be done in gimp. it can....

please note:

the art in this gallery is © martin gillette (istarlome) and is not to be considered public domain. any use without permission from the artist is prohibited.

the resources; brushes, gradients, palettes, flames etc., that are presented as such (excluding tutorials), can be used as one sees fit. credit back to the artist is nice but not necessary.

thank you for your cooperation.
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I will link you as soon as I go over the tutorial again.LOL Sometimes being french and blond and cute is a plus,but other times ....those Brain Farts kick in. A pain in the butt at times! LOL...I just finally realized when in your tut you stated *Rounded Edge Gradient* I was thinking huh? Then I found what you meant! .LOL Okay finally got it....;) Thanks again. Away I go to create! :)
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How perfect!!! Just what i was looking for! Thank you!
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thanks...glad to be helpful :)
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when you open Script-fu it doesn't have the option of layer effects... What do I do?
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when i wrote this tutorial i was using a script i found online. i can't remember where i got it. but it is also part of the gimp fx foundry. you can find the fx foundry here: [link]

hope this helps...
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hey i used this guide a bit here [link]
it really helped thx alot for sharing!
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is ther any ways we can use this but with a bronze metal color? in other words a diff color metal? lol sorry n can u tell me wher or how to this tut was pretty hard for me to follow shad.
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sure is. you also might try one of the gradients. ;)
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thanks for taking the time to reply >.<
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sorry that i have sent you a useless link, i happened to drag the "joy" emotion here...
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Very easy but awesome, just now i have tried it out~[link]
Hi there, I just uploaded a pic I made from your ripped - metal tut. [link]
I love this one, mine turned out so nice. Makes a nice frame for pictures / photos.
Thanks for this, it was easy to follow.
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cool! i like to see one
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Posted here [link] Thx! :D
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Thank you! I tried it out on this picture: [link]
Just a test and I like the outcome. :D
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you're most welcome. i hope it will be useful. :)

you can see my other tutorials here: [link] ;)
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Excellent work! Thanks for sharing.
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awesome tut. :#1:
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thanks kid. you're sweet. :hug:
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