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photo to painting in gimp

i've re-made this tutorial. the first apparently used a illegal photo. i thought i found it on a safe site but don't remember and it's not worth arguing about.

please note:

the art in this gallery is © martin gillette (istarlome) and is not to be considered public domain. any use without permission from the artist is prohibited.

the resources; brushes, gradients, palettes, flames etc., that are presented as such (excluding tutorials), can be used as one sees fit. credit back to the artist is nice but not necessary.

thank you for your cooperation.
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Used it for a portrait [link] thanks for the step-by-step tutorial - couldn't have done it without it! Exploring what GIMP can do!
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Your Resources have been included in our weekly Friday FumZ FrenZy event article for the Resources & Stock image gallery [link]
Thank you for sharing with the community.:rose: :heart:
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love it :)

this is the second time. that's cool. you do a great job. i can see several things i can use... ;)
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Step three of your "better canvas" portion of the tutorial. I go to Image > Transform and I see no option to select a rotation angle other than 90 or 180 degrees.

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Looks like you have a simple typo in this step... I chose 90 degrees and got the effect shown.
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i wrote an answer to this last week but did it as a new post...duh...

i wanted to say thanks for finding that and it's changed now..:)
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