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halftone effect in inkscape

By istarlome
i've been trying to do a halftone effect in inkscape for awhile now. i was reading the chapter about "tiled clones" in tavjong bah's inkscape guide one day. it showed how color can be used to create a group of stars with different sizes. i didn't think much about it at the time.

that night i had a dream about using this tech to create a halftone effect. when i awoke, i wrote my dream down (i do that a lot). i tried it out in inkscape and it works just fine.

here is what i came up with.

note: the templates can also be made in gimp using it's many gradient features and is actually easier that way.

i hope some find this useful. part two to come...
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V. good but v. big svg (for web logo etc) You can do a not-so-tidy version using checkerboard fill and texture filters
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Thank you for sharing! It worked perfectly. :)
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my pleasure. thank you for your interest.... :hug:
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I don't know if it's because I'm using a newer version of Inkscape (0.48.4) or what, but I didn't have any luck getting this to work until I selected Opacity instead of Color under the first section in the Trace dialogue. Then it worked great. Thanks!
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thanks for looking....
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THANK YOU!! Just...thank you!! I've been looking for something like this for AGES!
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geen probleem nie
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Made me discover that feature, i think that I'll have fun playing with it!, thank's!
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I've been searching for this tutorial....thank you ^_^
but it was hard to read some parts of your tutorial because of that background XD
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Great tutorial. I'm surely going to use it!!
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Yay! more effects to tinker~
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and thank you. part two and a method to do the same thing in gimp can be found in my gallery.
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So I have seen, thanks for that too :)
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I searched on Google for how to do half tones, and found this one. I have yet to read through it to see it if there's any similarity to the Youtube video I saw. But my question is, was the dream thingy just a joke or or it really happened? I suppose it's a good habit if you really write down your dreams :)
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oh, i also figured out how to do halftones in gimp. it's in my gallery. ;)
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Yup, Thanks a lot :)
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the youtube tutorial is based on mine. yes the dream thing is real. do a search on "creative dreaming". you'll find books and other info on the subject. :)
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Well, I used to read a lot about these things, but laziness prevented me from taking my own habits seriously :) But, the idea of getting creative things 'out of nowhere' in our heads always interested me :D
Very cool!!

I found a way to ajust the "angle" for dots shifting the tiles. On "Shift" tab, setting Per row, "Shift X" to 50% and checking "Alternate".

Thanks! o/
If you want some arbitrary angle, you can rotate the underlying image before you start, do the halftoning, and then rotate the halftone back into place. This is a good idea if you are going to combine different-colored halftone screens, so that they overlay properly.
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Thank you ! :)
It helps a lot !! :hug:
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