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halftone effect in gimp

here is a tutorial about how to create the halftone effect in gimp.

you can also find a similar tut here [link]
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Sweet!  Thanks a ton.
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Really useful!!! you saved my behind!! XD Gimp rocks!!!
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thank you so much :hug:
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my pleasure.. :hug:
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Thanks for sharing !
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my pleasure...
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when i do the filter, i dont get the effect :<
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the only thing i can think of is that you have your gradients on a transparent layer.
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I searched for a while how to make a halftone effect ! Thank you so much !
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it's my pleasure.. :)
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~!!!thank you muchly
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you are welcome...
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Thanks! I've always wanted to know how to do this.
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thanks.. :hug:

don't forget to look for part two.. :)
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You're welcome!!!

I will definitely look for part two :D
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thank you sooooooo ****ing much!!!!
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no no i didn't mean that in a bad way... i had a really hard time trying to get the tone effect in gimp.. especially since i have Linux. you tutorial was excellent in helping out.. the key is making sure you image is at-least 600dpi.
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actually i didn't take it in a bad way. :)
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This was a really helpful tutorial! One question, though. Is there a way for the dots in the halftone to not be so pixelated when zoomed in? Is there a way for it to be one shade of black and not have lighter grey pixels surrounding it? Thanks!
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hey- thanks for your interest. i made this long ago. in fact it's the first tutorial about how to do halftones in gimp.

when i did this i used an "oversample" of 12. i now just use the highest setting. that gives smoother dots. i think the grayness may be an optical illusion. at least that's what i'm going with :)
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Okay, thanks! So, if I were trying to make a one color design with a white background and used these halftones, it would still be considered one color even with the grey pixels?
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