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cardboard effect in gimp

just experimenting. suggestions on how to make this better are welcome. i've added some modifications that can be found here [link]

please note:

the art in this gallery is © martin gillette (istarlome) and is not to be considered public domain. any use without permission from the artist is prohibited.

the resources; brushes, gradients, palettes, flames etc., that are presented as such (excluding tutorials), can be used as one sees fit. credit back to the artist is nice but not necessary.

thank you for your cooperation.
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© 2007 - 2022 istarlome
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Thanks a ton! I've been looking for a tutorial on how to do a cardboard texture, and what's cool is, it only takes a couple little tweaks here and there to make it work for GIMP 2.10.28, mainly playing around with the bump map settings (mostly if you're doing a large image).

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hey thanks for your interest.

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nice tutorial, thank you :hug:
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I did what you said but got confused halfway and made this instead.
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that looks great! so where did you get confused?
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I believe step 3. The background copy didnt show through the plasma layer. So I decided to mess with the opacity and just play around in gimp with my known knowledge and I created this. It's a wallpaper for an iPhone theme i'm creating.
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you could also follow this link: [link]

i did a modification and i may be helpful.
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I also went to that link. It helped but it didnt show up the same as the tutorial.
Thanks for this tut, I only got half way and it looked so cool as corduroy fabric that I left it there (I use it to make items in I will try the complete tut another day.
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Awesome, thanks for sharing this!
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no problem. be sure to see the modifications on the dome..
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I saw them :) I've been having trouble with my internet for the better part of a week. I've been trying to keep up on reading the posts, but when it takes 5 mins to load a single page (after 6 white screens), I gave up on trying to comment :D
My internet seems to be better now though! yay!
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Pwnage! want to add it to the GimpDome club? :D
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love too. and thanks.

note the link to gimp dome.
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Very nice work! I gave some additional comments on it at the dome: [link]

Thanks for sharing!

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thanks. i've done as you suggested....
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Thanks! It's a great tutorial!
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Awesome effect! Thanks man!
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its my pleasure. thanks for viewing
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