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Creating a Floor Tile in Gimp

part one of a three part series. the other parts can be found in my gallery.

The tutorials will take you through the creation of a dungeon. starting with creating the floor tile and ending with creating the actual dungeon.

please note:

the art in this gallery is © martin gillette (istarlome) and is not to be considered public domain. any use without permission from the artist is prohibited.

the resources; brushes, gradients, palettes, flames etc., that are presented as such (excluding tutorials), can be used as one sees fit. credit back to the artist is nice but not necessary.

thank you for your cooperation.
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Do you have any advice on how to make an isometric tiled floor?

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Hey, thanks for your interest. I would probably build the floor to the size I wanted and then use the "Perspective" tool to make the floor isometric. Have a look at what images of isometric floors look like. One thing I noticed is the the corners are on a cross. The top and bottom corners are on a vertical line and the side corners are on the horizontal.

You could build the floor and match the corners to vertical and horizontal lines.

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this is usefull but i cant find the type of marble you used. can you send me a link?
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i actually can't remember where i got that. you can use anything you like. or if you email me at i will send it back to you.
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ok thank you very much for the responce.