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Darvin the Axemelter

By isso09
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My second launch skin concept. Soul Reaver Draven. Have you played him? He's so much fun.

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So this is where one of the greatest skins in league came from.  Incredible work.  They should let you do more skins like this.  Instead of just putting Draven in a different set of clothes or armor, you completely changed him into a new demonic being.  This is how skins should be done!  It would be amazing to see a Soul Reaver Darius to fight alongside his brother and if you designed it I'd see it selling just as well.  Thank you for creating my favorite skin in league! 
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Good idea! And thanks a lot for the kind words..
It's always insightful to hear what fans think about skins and how far we can push the thematic. Thank you for your input!
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he'd go so well with thresh :o
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They have a long history together. :D
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great work! you are a master!
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Haha yeah right.. But thanks!
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no really... you are absolutely amazing... this reminds me of Darsiders for some reason lol
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oh, good, gravy.........
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That's no gravy, it's bloooooood.
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Draaaaaaaaaaaaven. Always fun. :)
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I still remember watching you work on this. It turned out well! Excellent job, and keep up the great work!
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thank you! Keep on pushing!
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