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Hetalia X Reader: Moving On
    Your fingers ached and your mind continued to race through thoughts and ideas that you never truly had the time to comprehend as you wrote down all that you could remember.  Inspiration and desire bled from your fingertips as you created a world different from your own. You filled it with characters that were familiar to you, ones that taught you lessons, and comforted you during rough days.  Scenarios that you conjured up reflected circumstances in which you consider yourself a player in. Desires for a bigger life, a community, and an opportunity to share what you could create pushed you to type faster.
    Stories were consuming you.  You were consuming the stories.  It became therapeutic. If you had a rough day, you would write.  If you had a great day, you would write. Free time was translated into countless notebooks of one-paragraph scenes, character archetypes, and shaky plot-lines.
    Not all of the char
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 13 3
Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured FINAL
Berwald slowly opened his eyes.  After a mere few second of looking up at the blurry ceiling of the house his right arm stretched out to get his glasses.  After placing them over his eyes the world became clear and he sat up.  The floor was cold, a great contrast to the bed.  He gently reached out to the other side of his bed and shook Tino.  
“Not now, Berwald.” He complained
It was rare for Tino to not want to get up so Berwald simply sat there and waited.  His eyes pierced into his friend's back and Tino could clearly feel it as he shifted in discomfort.  He turned over to face Berwald and sighed.
“I will never get used to that stare.” His voice muffled by sleep, “I just wanted to remain in yesterday a little longer.”
“The sun is already out.” Berwald interrupted
Tino shot up from his position.  He looked through the small window that the room had.  True to Berwald’s word, small rays o
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 49 18
Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured Pt.37
It had all happened so quickly... you had rushed in just as fast as everyone else at that moment.  While the sun warmed your skin, the possibility of not making in time still ran shivers down your spine.  You secured your bag as you rushed into the house, Berwald holding Emil followed right behind every step.  A bed was already made and Emil was placed down.  You frantically began to mix and make the cure as Kiku had instructed.  It was almost done and you were tense and stressed in every way possible.  As you were about to run yourself into the ground trying to get everything ready, a hand cupped your shoulder carefully.  You looked up to see Lukas with a slight smile on his face.  The look radiated calm and was able to tame your trembling nerves.  His other hand extended and you took the Fallen’s heart from him.  Slicing it open carefully, you were able to add the last ingredient.  Tino took it from you and you felt a wave
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 121 89
Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured Pt.36
Ludwig felt nothing.  His senses no longer sharp and his mind was blurred.  In his arms lay his older brother, who was no longer breathing.  He was no longer laughing, making fun of him, fighting, moving, anything....  Gilbert was completely still.  The rage of the Fallen behind him wasn’t enough to snap Ludwig out of it either.  He could only pay attention to how the blood pooling around his brother matched the color of his distant eyes.  Elizabeta watched from afar with Roderich and Feliciano.  Roderich specifically felt guilt rising in his system.  However, Elizabeta was still a warrior and didn’t allow the pain to reach her reasoning skills.  She put her hand on Roderichs shoulder, pulling him back to reality.  
“I need you to stay with Emil, make sure he isn’t harmed.  The Fallen isn’t done yet.” She stated
Roderich nodded and stood protectively over Emil’s body.  He didn
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 126 91
Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured Pt.35
“More than one of us were bound to come!” He screeched
You could do nothing but silence him by tearing through the outer muscle that surrounded his neck.  Black poured from his throat and dyed the ground with ooze.  If worse came to worst then you could use that blood for a temporary cure.  Although, it would be ideal for you to draw the blood fresh and from the heart.  The sound of four more wings entered the range of your ears.  The two to the east were approaching quickly, the other three still seemed a reasonably large distance away.  Even if that presented a little bit of hope, there was still the underlying question of whether or not everyone would be able to handle five more Fallen.    And there was the underlying fact that whether you could or not, you had to.  The Fallen struggled beneath you as it attempted to alert his comrades that they needed to hurry.  Tino made his way towards you, he stood a decen
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 101 129
Cursed!England X Reader: Fated to Be Tragic (1/3)
You had one question.  One circling question that pecked at your nerves and ate away at the back of your head.  In this town, you should have been able to get an answer somewhere.  But due to multiple reasons and the position of your question, people wouldn’t answer it.  It was possible that every once and awhile you would catch someone in the same store as you and be able to the question, but they would feel uncomfortable and leave after mumbling a few words.  If you were lucky, a merchant would pass through your small village and you would get to them first and receive an answer.
Normally, one question would be answered rather quickly, and the person could move on.  But your circumstances were different.  After all, you were her daughter, and you were the outcasted child who lived on the edge of town.  What question could have caused everyone to avoid you?  Why was it so important that you didn’t just forget abou
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Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured Pt.34
In the state of your sudden shock, you stopped all thoughts.  Everything you had despised, everything you had been fighting against began to manifest into your very being.  A glint of amusement in the Fallen’s eyes dragged you back into reality.  You immediately began to attempt to counter any negative thoughts that were racing through your head.  You repeatedly told yourself to calm down and think.  But at this point that was just as useless as it had been to blindly attack.  The Fallen easily swatted you to the side and attacked even further.  Sharp teeth dug into your shoulder and you let out a screech of pain.  Black dots danced in your vision and tried to shake the Fallen off.  Once his jaws unlatched from your shoulder, you flew up as high as you could drawing him with you.
“Are you running, now?” His voice poisoned your ears, “Afraid of what you’re becoming?”
“Shut up!!!”
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 113 98
Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured Pt.33
The town, miles away, was being washed in the warmth of sunlight.  Clouds were approaching from over a mountain range, but it would be awhile until they were blessed with rain for crops and their reserve supply.  The celebration was still going on, with no end in sight.  The villagers were peacefully and happily dancing any troubles they could have had away.  Normally, a small house that  was known as ‘home’ to five brave souls would be full of food and laughter.  Maybe empty for a few minutes so the residents could join everyone outside in the beams gifted from the sun.
But unknowingly to their fellow friends and villagers, that house had no food laid out.  There was no piano music traveling through the neighboring houses, a tune that would settle sore ears.  And they weren’t mingling with their friends outside in the festival.  They were out fighting for this peaceful town.  And so, despite the loud festivities going
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 118 74
Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured Pt.32
“We should probably go through their supplies.” Tino whispered to you
“Why?” You answered
“It would be a good idea to find out what he injected you with.”
“That’s a good point, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.  Does it really matter?”
“Of course it does.”
“But nothing has happened yet.”
“And you want me to sit around and wait until something does?”
You sighed and dragged your hand down your arm.  It was true that nothing had happened yet, and that you had gotten used to the temperature change.  But the area in which the needle inserted into your skin was a bit sore.  That would be normal though, at least you assumed so.  Personally you just wanted to forget about it and move on, but the look on Tino’s face convinced you to search.
“Fine.  But we can’t take too long, this place makes me feel uncomfortable.” You compromised
“Alright, let&
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 116 64
Hong Kong X Reader: Blackout
With a small skip in your step and an upbeat attitude, you tidied up your house.  Everything was neatly put away and all previously visible dust was swept into nonexistence.  Your heart was pumping a bit quicker today than usual, due to not only excitement but the little bug you have come to know and love.  Nervous butterflies made your stomach their home and only grew more restless as the hand on your clock kept advancing into the future.  The familiar beeping sound of your microwave timer hit your ears and alerted your body to react.  As you rushed out of the television room and into your kitchen another smile made a prominent appearance on your lips.  You pulled out a bowl and prepared for the arrival of your.... friend.  Yeah, you could call him a friend.
Leon was more than ordinary, at least in your opinion.  Others had a single image of him, and that being cool, collected, perfectly distanced, and fashionable.  Technically, the hard to
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 53 20
France X Ghost!Reader: A Timeless Promise
~: Can you not see me?  I swear... I’m there. :~
You sat there.  That’s all you could do, and all you have been doing for the past thirty years.  Though time swam through the large house, you personally kept track of every second.  There was an old clock that sat in the back of the main room.  It still worked, but there was no one in the house to hear it.  Except for you of course.  But you were unable to tamper with the clock, and therefor it just sat there, collecting dust.  It was a shame really, it had been your favorite clock.  You and your husband had sat there and talked right in front of it.  The sound of it had always brought delight to the atmosphere, but now, the sound emitted stress to your uneasy mind.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
It was strange, how come this noise was so influential?  Why did it make you want to cry tears of joy?
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 171 81
Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured Pt.31
Tino lightly stroked your hair.  You hadn’t made any other movement since Kuolo had injected you with whatever substance he had.  Your body had stayed a constant, cold temperature.  He wasn’t sure what he could do, and he hated what you looked like.  You were still wearing that dress.  It had been a day ago, but your image in it had changed drastically.  When you first wore it, it was complemented by a smile and glowing positivity.  But now, it was covered and blood and draped over your trembling form.  
“Is she important to you?” Gilbert asked
Tino looked up at the strange looking man that he had met only hours ago, “Yes.”
“Must be nice to be able to see someone important to you.”
“Are you referring to your curse?”
Gilbert nodded, “It’s strange... I don’t remember how it was put on me, but one day I woke up and couldn’t see the ones I loved.”
“How is
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 124 60
Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured Pt.30
“So, Gilbert...” You trailed off, “How did you get here?”
It had been maybe a few hours since the strange man had shown up in your cell.  The effect of the sound Kuolo had made had finally worn off and you were able to sit up straight without Tino’s assistance.  Gilbert had recognized your condition and decided to hold back on asking any questions or pressing any issues until you were better, which you really appreciated.
“It would be easier if you just started at the beginning.” Tino inputted
“Well, alright.  You see... Feli, Ludwig, and I just got back from a small journey and were ready to rest.  But Eliza said that you guys were taken.  And so, we went and took your friends back to Roderich’s house.” Gilbert explained
“Really?  That’s relief, they’re okay, right?” You asked
“From what I know.  But I left to find you guys.  After locating their base, I tr
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 109 49
Spain X Suicidal!Reader: ...The Chimeless Bluebell
Lovino sat on an old, wooden patio.  He had previously ran away from his care keeper, Antonio, in order to avoid chores.  And unlike usual, he hadn’t chased after the child in attempt to force him to help in the garden.  No... the Spaniard had recently lost something very important to him, and now the smile that usually decorated his face, was obviously fake.  With a very bored expression, Lovino looked out at the extensive garden that decorated the land that Antonio owned.  The man was currently tending to the vegetable section, watering tomatoes and picking weeds.  It has been a little over an hour and he was still doing the same task.  It struck Lovino as odd since he always finished in half that time.  
And so, Lovino stood up.  He may not admit it, but he has been worrying about his friend.  It bugged Lovino that it seemed as if he could do nothing to bring back his smile.  He had tried everything in his power... except
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 148 36
Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured Pt.29
Elizabeta lead the group of Hunters through the woods.  Ludwig and Feliciano followed without a sound.  The former was reading the complexity of the current situation, and the later not talking in fear of angering his friend.  Gilbert on the other hand walked side by side with Elizabeta and was annoying her greatly.
“Are you sure we’re going the right way?  ‘Cause I don’t see anything.” He stated
“Yes, I’m sure.” She answered
“Well, it looks like there’s nothing in this direction.”
“Maybe you should wait.”
Elizabeta had been in an upsetting mood and so she turned to Gilbert and started to argue.  Ludwig was used to this sort of sight by now and just continued to walk with Feliciano in tow.  The bickering pair now brought up the rear.  In the distance, the blonde spotted three bodies lying on the ground.  He picked up his pace and soon arrived at the area.  As soon
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 105 54
The Death of a Sunflower II (Russia X Reader)
You were still oblivious as to how you had gotten yourself into this situation.  And as your tired mind slowly began to process exactly what was going on, you realized that you weren’t getting out of it.  You could faintly feel two arms holding your shivering body.  They were heavily clothed, as any soldiers would be in a time of war, especially around winter.  Though you had a good idea, you weren’t able to tell who it was until he spoke.
“You are going to be fine, da?”
Ivan.  The mighty and fearless soldier that you had come close to in the last couple of months.  Every other soldier in your camp knew that he would never shed a tear.  Then why did you feel something wet dropping from above?  He was also one that didn't lie.  Ivan had said himself- there is no room for anything else besides the truth.  So then why?  Why was he lying?  You knew that your condition was no where near fine.  You manag
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 20 7


Samurai Champloo PSP Wall 05 by SulphurFeast Samurai Champloo PSP Wall 05 :iconsulphurfeast:SulphurFeast 164 7 Flowerfell by Dizplicity Flowerfell :icondizplicity:Dizplicity 656 36
Hetalia x Scary!Depressed!Reader 2: Rolling Girl
Hetalia x Scary! Depressed! Reader 2: Rolling Girl
Lonely girl is dreaming all the day
Of things she knows are far away
Screaming out all the voices in her head
Are now eating away Hear them eating away
Your heart ached with grief and loneliness. It started swelling with that event with England. He could've helped you, at least but why? These thoughts just made your chest go tighter with painful solitude. You arrived at the lobby of the building, feeling 4 pairs of eyes stare at your back  "Hey!" America's voice stopped you."You alright (c/n)?" He asked still nervous.It was the first time in a decade that anyone talked to you.
“I’m just fine.”
Her breathing out a sigh
You know, those words are gone with the wind?
You sighed, "I'm just fine." No emotion was present in your raspy voice, that wasn't long heard by the others. You countinued walking out of the lobby straight into the rainy weather. "Did you even know that I'm long gone with the wind? So as my words" Y
:iconhispanicgirl1313:Hispanicgirl1313 183 27
Spain x Homeless!Reader: Shards of the Past
Thick, gloomy rain.
That’s all there was out there. The city streets were soaked in the flood of water, and lights streaming from the buildings nearby. But the darkness still swallowed most of the air, shrouding the faces of all the passersby. None of them were ever looking at me anyway.
I used to watch them. It surely made them uncomfortable; they all averted their eyes nonetheless, or pretended they were never glancing over at my sad heap of cloth and cardboard I called a home. I used to look at them, analyze them-- their clothing, their posture, the way they walked… I used to imagine where their destination was, what they were planning on doing, what they had been doing in their life. But I knew none of them were thinking about me with such fascination. I was just another hobo to them. Perhaps a thought or two about how someone as young-looking as myself ended up in such an unfortunate position crossed a couple of their minds now and then, but such thoughts obvious
:iconpaupaunokoe:PauPaunoKoe 185 76
Beware of the Man Who Speaks in Hands by JoyceW-Art Beware of the Man Who Speaks in Hands :iconjoycew-art:JoyceW-Art 539 77 [UNDERTALE SPOILERS] Is this bravery by zarla [UNDERTALE SPOILERS] Is this bravery :iconzarla:zarla 8,534 1,101 Freund- Prussia and Gilbird by Kynarii Freund- Prussia and Gilbird :iconkynarii:Kynarii 2,892 1,007 Pi by CHIGII Pi :iconchigii:CHIGII 1,770 377 Steve Rogers/Captain America doodles by failingwings Steve Rogers/Captain America doodles :iconfailingwings:failingwings 2 1 Star 5 Nordic 5! (APH) by monochromevoicestory Star 5 Nordic 5! (APH) :iconmonochromevoicestory:monochromevoicestory 100 8
Russia x Reader - Overburdened
    A loud beeping sound filled your ears and you groaned in protest. You cracked open one eye and tried to turn around to glare at the alarm clock on your side, however, a tight grip around your waist tightened even more as Ivan made a noise of discontentment.
    "Turn off the alarm clock подсолнечник, before I break it." Your Russian husband said, nuzzling his large nose on your head.
    "I can't. You're holding me too tightly." You muttered in return. Ivan sighed and one arm disappeared as he reached for something under his pillow. He pulled out his pipe and reached over your body, smashing the alarm clock.
    "Problem solved." He yawned and returned the pipe beneath his pillow. He then closed his eyes again and pulled you closer.
    "Not again. Ivan, how many alarm clocks has that been this month?" You sighed. You managed to pry Ivan's arm off of
:iconfrozencrystalrose:FrozenCrystalRose 520 82
PICK UP LINES ARE LAME by akitokun1 PICK UP LINES ARE LAME :iconakitokun1:akitokun1 1,749 159
Prussia x Shy!Reader: Finally Happily Ever After
WARNING: slight swearing!
He was looking at you again.
How many times had he done this today already?
You could feel his red-eyed gaze fixated on you; it made you feel quite uncomfortable and your back tingle.
Was it the nineteenth time? The umpteenth time?
You had stopped counting when you had sat down in the classroom of your first lesson.
You reached for your pocket mirror in your schoolbag and pretended to check your hairdo, whereas you were peering at the silver-haired boy sitting a few rows behind you in the classroom, between a blondie and a brown-haired boy. The last two were talking to each other in a hushed tone over the boy's head sitting in their middle.
Said boy whose name was Gilbert Beilschmidt was staring at you, cupping his chin in his hand, a dreamy expression in his ruby coloured eyes and on his pale face.
But as soon as he noticed you looking at him too, he returned your gaze in your mirror, baring his pearly white teeth in a wide grin.
You promptly slammed t
:iconladylyacaria:LadyLyacaria 578 97
Smack Down -7- Results by Arkham-Insanity Smack Down -7- Results :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 3,145 1,701 Chibi Prussia Diaries -010- by Arkham-Insanity Chibi Prussia Diaries -010- :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 4,568 1,079


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Okay, guys.  Here's how this is going to go... I've been incredibly busy and it's going to get even busier.  As I have stated before, I am an exchange student going to Japan.  I now have my date!  I leave March 21st, 2016.  That's pretty soon and I'm beginning to freak out.  However, as I know this is going to keep me busy there is one advantage.  My school is giving me a week off to prepare.  

That week off....

That sweet week off.

I will be writing like there is no limit!!!  

I apologize that I haven't done much recently, but that is going to change.  I will be finishing as many series as possible and wrapping up projects.  I wonder what I can get done before I leave!e

So, thank you for your understanding and support.  I hope you will enjoy everything I put out in the next two weeks and after that.
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