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The purity of Islam

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The purity of Islam
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Stop spreading lies and garbage to make your religion sounds like its the truth or its peaceful
No matter how much makeup you put on garbage it will stay garbage and only retards will believe its not garbage
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All religions sent from God-Yehova-Allah it doesn't matter what religion u choose. The important thing is how you live with your religion.
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HONK! HONK! Religion Of Peace Motherfucker!!!Truck of Peace 
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LOL! said the Iranian guy :D
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What is ugly ؟
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"Too old. Wouldn't bang."
~The Prophet Mohammed
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What about Khadija?
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that's your opinion, I'm ok with that
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What a beautiful picture.  I am a teacher of Chinese medicine and a Muslim (seek knowledge even from China!), and I try to use many beautiful images to illustrate the principles of Chinese medicine for my students. I like to include positive images of Muslims whenever I can.  May I use this photo, and credit it to you of course?

Thea Elijah
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Beautiful Pic
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If you want purity of Islam you should go to Bradford. I saw an immam listening to Blurred Lines whilst praying! It was hilarious.
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I expect Mohammed would have been like "Meh, too old"
It's not a religion based on purity, great photo though
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Really. Must you say things like that? It is disgusting that you mention the prophet (pbuh) in such a disrespectful manner, you can think what you want, but Islam is a religion of peace, it alway has been, the people who are "terrorists" that claim that they are "Muslim" they are not.
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The prophet muhammad?
You mean the guy who was a pedophile warmonger who fucked goats?
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When I pray, which isn't often I pray really long and my wish is really long. I feel really relieved from reality and its like when my hands are together I'm holding my hope and wishes which I want Allah to hear :) I really like this picture it also relieves me.
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I'm better than allah.
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