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:) :iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 5 9
Your first name translates to the base of most modern languages, including English, Latin to the phrase "Of the angels". No one with the name of an angel and the appearance of a godess could truly be as bad as you say you are. She may not be perfect, but she'd have to be close to it and be truly divine, which you are, in every way, the very essence of grace, perfection, beauty, purity and divinity. While you may share the name with others, you are special in many ways. One of the most important ways and the one I haven't mentioned yet is the fact that you are MY angel and I love you with all of my heart and every ounce of my soul! You truly are the apple of my eye...
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 1 0
Two Weeks
Two weeks, after the torches' lighting
Two weeks of just fussing and fighting
Two weeks and It's starting to get me sick
Only two weeks, nothing ends this quick
Two weeks and only a few moments were bliss
Two days after our first kiss
Two of us, admittedly have fucked up
Still I feel love brought to me by luck
Never felt this good before
Yet I've never felt so stupid to ignore
Feelings locked deep within
Conflicting the ones that I let win
Never been so confused before
Never needed guidance more
Two weeks, please tell me that there's more?
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 1 0
Night Life
The city that never sleeps
Full of freaks and creeps
City of sunshine and shadows
Lingering memories of shrines and gallows
Darkness hides in alleyways
Bright light dashes and branches in every way
Stories of the past passed down the generations, down the street
Was it blood stained, or a stomped out rose grown on concrete?
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 1 9
Did You Know?
That you're my world?
That you're the best thing that ever happened to me?
That you're the most beautiful person I've ever met?
That just seeing your smile can brighten my day?
That just seeing the slightest hint of discontent in your eyes can ruin my day, like a dark, gloomy cloud shadowing over me?
That no matter how many times you, or anyone else tells me otherwise, you will ALWAYS be PERFECT in my eyes?
Did you know that I love you?
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 1 5
Guilty Pleasure
Feelings too strong
Hurting too long
I know I should just let go
But I still feel you belong
Holding a piece of my heart
Captive to perfection
Falling for you from the start
Yet I'm humbled by beauty of your pretension
I know the only time you'll ever be mine is in my mind
But all the feelings I have for you feels simply like a landmine
Love can not be measured
I know I should just let go
But it's my guilty pleasure
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 0 0
Process of Elimination
Every time I talk to you, for those moments, my day is perfect
Whenever I don't see you feels like I woke up for almost nothing
In honesty, I think about you almost every single day
How I feel about you, my emotions are affray
Sometimes I don't even want to, but you make your way into brain
Intruding into my thoughts like a virus
I've tried to tell myself every other possibility I possibly
It's not love, it's lust
Give it time, it'll wear off
You're being stupid, there's no point
She probably doesn't even know you
All have failed in my mind except for one more left
The one I gravely feared the most
I don't want to believe it, but
I think I love you.
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 3 4
I'm afraid to speak to you, for the simple fact that your words have the ability to tear my heart in two, but your smile alone mends the wound. You have more power over me then you realize and I don't know whether I should be afraid of that, or embrace it. Everything you tell me is all that matters in that moment. Every direction you give me is like a hypnotic game of Simon Says, I'll follow it to the letter. Your beauty and personality are in perfect harmony and it's almost impossible to decide which one is more beautiful. I may not deserve you and you may not want me, but I won't give up on you. You're all that I want out of life and I probably won't ever have you, but I won't give up on you. It's amazing how easily you can rip my heart into two, yet make me fall even harder for you in doing so. Everything you do is with the purest intentions. You're one of the most amazing people I've ever known in my life, which is why it makes my feelings for you even harder. No matter how much yo
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 0 4
You'll See...
"You ready for this, Tim?"
"Hell no, Chuck"
" You could always back out."
"And wouldn't you like that, Jeremy?"
"You must know me so well, Tim!"
"Hey, Johnny, you showed up!"
"The hell are you all waiting for? Let's get this show on the road! And Timmy, I always show up. "
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 0 0
Motel Hell
Demons closing in from every side
Leave you nowhere left to hide
Running won't matter anyways
They'll hunt you down with an omniscient gaze
Prolong your tire or accept your fate
Into your soul allow evil to penetrate
No mere mortal can repent the fusion
And be left without delusion
As you enter the conflagration
You will soon regret your asphyxiation
For this is your eternal resting place
You tear in fear as you approach the everlasting blaze
For once your senses do not betray
Your emotions endlessly affray
The only thing you can hope to pray
Is that you will enjoy your stay
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 2 0
Tails by IssacClarke Tails :iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 1 5 Heartless by IssacClarke Heartless :iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 1 2
Chaos Control-Pity
If you have not read the first chapter, Peace , or the second chapter, New Kid , the links are in the description
I closed my eyes ready to die. I knew no one could stop him now. Especially not Amy, or Rouge, in the little time I had left. This was it. The scene sounded hectic. Everyone was shouting all at once, as was I. The opposing hedgehog seemed not to have attacked. I opened my eyes slowly, cautiously, to find Knuckles with a hand held out to me.
"Need a hand?"
I let Knuckles help me up but, I only had one thing on my mind as I did so. I turned to Amy. She was crying. I ran over to her and kneeled in front of the pink hedgehog. I hugged her but, she shoved me away.
"Just leave me alone Shadow."
Amy looked up, still unaware who she was speaking with. When she realized who I was, she gave me the tightest hug she'd ever given me. Normally, it'd be painful but, I was so happy I didn't feel it. Her mood quickly changed though. Amy once again pushed me a
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 5 4
Bleed Out
Trust is like a mirror.
Once it's broken
It will NEVER be perfect
It will never be as beautiful as it once was...
And if you try to fix it
You'll just sit there in a pool of blood, tears, and fears
Trying to repair a broken dream
Until that moment when you bleed out
Lying in the ashes of a love long lost and gone
A life wasted on nothingness
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 8 9
As I Lie Awake
Once upon a time
I was in love with a girl
She was everything I'd wanted
And she loved me too
I asked her to be mine
And only mine
And she wanted to be mine
And we were there for each other
Once upon a time
Now it's only a shattered dream
A broken memory
Torn at the seams
My heart in shambles
When I thought it'd never break
Leaving my dreams to reality
As I lie awake
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 5 5
Chaos Control-New Kid
If you have not read, "Chaos Control!-Peace": The link is in the description
"Oh, he's sooo dreamy..."
The speech lingered, echoing in my ears... She's really into me, isn't she? Focus, man, Shadow. Let's see... I lost him along the tracks. Where could he have been headed? I think I'll go talk to Knuckles, see if he knows anything.
I walked in to find Knuckles asleep. I decided to try calling him.
"Hey! Knuckles? Yo, Knuckles, wake up!"
After a few more failed attempts, I turned on the light, and heightened the intensity.
"My grapes!!!"
"Calm down, Knuckles, It's me. And I assure you, I have no interest in your grapes."
"Oh, it's only you Sonic… Do me a favor, and turn that light down?"
I dimmed the light and Knuckles sat up.
"So, what's up Sonic?"
"By any chance, do you know a Shadow?"
"Shadow The Hedgehog, black with red stripes?"
"I know him"
"Huh," we both questioned, looking for the voice.
"Over here boys!"
"Rouge! How'd you get in here?!"
:iconissacclarke:IssacClarke 8 15


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I hate them right now.
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