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The Owl House Slumber Party

The Owl House Slumber Party! (Another with a dialogue.) This one took longer because of backgrounds and multiple characters, BUT WORTH IT! 
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I would totally be Eda in this situation.

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Coool AND More great

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I would like to see that in the show...

OK I've seen it now, and Lilith has a snowflake over her. And 104th comment. AKA a Phineas and Ferb Summer vacation.

I definitely see Amity next to Luz with her gay panic

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Amity's face looks a little too strained but other than that a very nice pic!

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Isn't this like that conjuring in Hooty's Moving Hassle?

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Absolutely wonderful work.

I want to see them play some human board games like monopoly and uno

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This is my favorite piece of Owl House fanart! Nice work!

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pffft amity is freaking out XD

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I can't tell if Eda is so annoyed because she's stuck in this situation, or if it's specifically because she's stuck with King and Hooty as her makeover artists?

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You can't tidy Eda's hair, with what she uses it for and how much storage space it offers, its her lively hood.

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Eda's so endearing when she's in a huff. I'm a little iffy on Luz and Amity as a couple, but the friendship between them is cute. Lilith letting Willow braid her hair seems like a stretch...I'm gonna assume this is a dream Luz is having.

So if Amity got anymore red, could someone fry an egg on her?

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Heck you can make whole breakfast meal XD

They better make another moonlight conjuring episode

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Slumber party at the Owl House.

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Amity: *lesbian breakdown*
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Oh damn,all of my moods are here in one pic.

By the way,adorable art style 👏💐✨❤️

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