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Owl House Fan Art

Finally did a Owl House fan art, and season 1 was great!
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this is really cool!

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Floofy Harpy Luz, this is painting is absolutely stunning. The lighting, composition, and shading , beautiful. And after seeing Harpy Eda, it's not impossible that Luz might acquire a similar power (most likely after going on a rampage as the beast overcoming emotional turmoil and the trauma).

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the light and shading on this is SO GOOD, it has me hype

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Goodart and job

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Floofy Luz

I love floofy Luz

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Dang this looks nice. You know, I actually made a post over on the TOH subreddit detailing how Cursed!Luz could be implemented within the show. Here's the link to it if you want to give it a read. V

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Oh my gosh so perfect! 😄👌🏻👌🏻

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WOW!! This is crazy good amazing work!

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Wait - is Luz turning into an Owl Beast?!?!

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I was thinking of this as a transformation, but I thought about this concept before the premiere so I thought it was such a coincidence XD

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Well, it would make for an intense episode if that did happen to Luz, eh?

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Dang, that's a look. A half-beast Luz would certainly be an interesting twist, but how would that work, exactly? I think that when Lilith split the curse between herself and Eda, they both may transform now, but it will be less severe for them. At least, I hope so.

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Not too sure myself, but I thought this looked cool! XD

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Now I want to make this an au

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A cursed Luz, oooh it will look so cool
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My name is Luz Noceda. Warrior of Peace!
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Palisman had some secret abilities it wearing will turn into a anthropic animal.

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oooh that will be a cool secret!

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According to the books palisman are born from the tree and become a magic staff and familiar but when the palisman and it owners reach it high potential with a strong bond between the owner will transform into the anthropic animal which will gain strength speed and other abilities.

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