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HILDA Autumn Picnic

By Issabolical
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Hilda and her friends enjoying a nice picnic, but then approached by a family of Troll Pumpkins! I'm so excited for season 2!
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Ah, so there will be a second season at last? Excellent! Love the picture, it's very cozy.

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Yes! And thank you!!

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I also can't wait for the next season. I got all the graphic novels in anticipation for it too, all six. Whenever I think of best next Netflix shows, this always ranks in my top 5 at least.

As for your picture, I think it looks 'GOURDEOUS'!

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I can't wait either! And thank you!

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Even more nice autumn colors

Btw pumpkin trolls , cool^^

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I've seen this show multiple times (But never watched it) and was wondering what is it about?

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The show is great with their story and the simply yet beautiful designs of characters, backgrounds, colors and animation! A story of a girl named Hilda lives out in the wilderness with her mom and her pet deerfox Twig. She makes friends with all these mystical creatures but will face a challenge of having to move and live in a city called Trolberg. A giant walled city to keep out dangerous creatures, although the city has many mysteries inside as well!
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Oh wow thanks! Really sounds so mysterious and intriguing. Thank you for the feedback and I'll maybe check it out when I'm free, Thanks again. ( I said thanks too much, sorry:sorry: )

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Haha your welcome!
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