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Dipper and Marcy COLORED

By Issabolical
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Marcy & Dipper doodle! Not saying I ship them, but they have some things in common. They both like journals, games, couple of goofballs, and play their versions of D&D! 
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Dipper and Marcy could definitly be best friends!!!

they have much in common together. They both keep journals, both are adventurous, both like D&D and video games. I can totally see them as BFF’s.

Plus, i’ll bet, that after 3 years (in a alternate universe) they both become a couple, probably because of the same interest and things Dipper and Marcy like ;).

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Huh. I actually had a thought of these two interacting. Didn’t actually think others thought the same thing.

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Dipper and Marcy look cute.


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It makes a lot of sense.

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Yes, they are both a mix of geniuses and adventurers, with a touch of adorable awkwardness, I don't imagine them as a couple, but as friends with common interests.

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They would be really good friends...but I can imagine Mabel trying to ship them while Sasha and Anne try to explain her that just because two people are good friends doesn't mean they'd make a good couple.

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I can't believe I thought of this before!
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Those two would definitely be best friends

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They would be more then friends if we ship them C:

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