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Morgana Cosplay by Issabel

Cosplay by me - Issabel Cosplay:…
Photo by Magdalena Majchrzycka from Silverclock:…
Photosession for PAX Magazine:…
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Uau... no words.. fantastic!
IndivisibleRPG's avatar
Those wings! Your eyes look really cool, did you get special contacts? 
Oderian-Silverarrow's avatar
OMG, so beautiful, so perfect, so amazing! Especially the wings, holy Jesus, just like the original character... How could you do this so perfect? How could you fix them on your back? I really can't imagine, I just... wow :D (I'd like to make Morgana cosplay, too, but really can't imagine, how to fix the wings on my back, but yours look really perfect :D )
SilvieCrystal's avatar
 :WOW:   Your work inspire my drawings! 
I can take inspiration from your photos? :3 Little Pixel Heart Little Pixel Heart 
IssabelCosplay's avatar
Of course! Thank you! Send me it later and I can post it on my FB page! :D
HyaMiiCosplay's avatar
Perfect!!!! Omg!!! l love your cosplay!!! Noel Impressed Icon 
Yuffi91's avatar
CrazyMira's avatar
so... perfect.... aaagh!
CoolKiller740's avatar
Amazing! I love it =D
Para0Doll's avatar
Dat Morgana tho. perfect!
NinDKSketch's avatar
This is such an amazing Morgana! Heart 
Shaneliae's avatar
I love Morgana and this is so... °O° Just perfect !
De-activated's avatar
This is actually perfect. I love Morgana!
Gorgogorgo's avatar
Great great GREAT picture !!!
tekmon1980's avatar
c-c-c-combobreaker Mother of god holy Spongebob (Imagination) 
GLAD0Sisaspy's avatar
Wow! That's awesome!
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