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Prize Journal Feature #1 - Isriana

 Isriana ( won first place in our competition, and so here is her prize journal feature! Go check out her profile and all her awesome art! :dummy: :thumb389395864: :thumb379317446: :thumb388945175: :thumb384829030: :thumb374783258: :thumb334569570: :thumb331661407: :thumb353067776:

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Heiwako's Fanart Contest!

I’m excited to announce that I will be hosting my very first art contest! Rules: 1.       The artwork must be based on a scene from one of my Skyrim fanfictions. This includes fictions that I post after the contest starts. 2.       The artwork must have been created for this contest and have a link for the story / chapter for its inspiration in the description. 3.       Only visual art will be accepted. 4.       Multiple entries are encouraged, but each contestant may only win once. 5.       Mature art is allowed, but please tag appropriately. 6.       I will create another journal entry for a FAQ and post questions and answers there.


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Feautre meme

I participated this meme in Isriana ('s journal. How it works: be one of the first 10 people commenting this journal entry, and I'll add you to the feature list below. I'll put your avatar and 3 deviations I liked most from your gallery. If you answer, you have to do the same with your journal, putting me on the first place. Let's start! 1. ~Isriana ( :thumb334367421: :thumb334569570: :thumb329983166: 2.:iconServala: :thumb361254157: :thumb380652209: :thumb334057091: 3. :icondevijavi: :thumb310372261: :thumb351796183: :thumb317708260: 4. :iconKidding7: :thumb367333149: :thumb338820149: :thumb338819151: 5. :iconariakitty: :thumb3752


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