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Why Video Games Are Better Than Reality: Part 2

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Published: February 11, 2012
© 2012 - 2019 Isriana
I used to play sports, but then I took an arrow in my interest zone and started playing video games instead. :P The upside is that kicking people's asses takes so much less sweating when done virtually. The downside, however, is that last week when I actually had to run few hundred metres to catch the bus I was panting half an hour afterwards and felt like I was going to die.

So yeah, as an incredibly crappy runner I can't help being partly envious and partly amused by the fact that everyone in video games seem to be able to run indefinitely no matter what the conditions are. There they sprint in their full battle gear, day and night, up the mountainside from one battle to another - they're never out of breath, never break a sweat or show signs of tiring. Not a word of complaint about aching calves, weight of their huge inventories or the sores those Heavy Iron Boots Of Strength +3 must be causing... I want super stamina too! :eager:

So many RPG characters seem to be unnaturally skilled in long distance running so I decided to choose more than one game as examples. Oh and those of you who wonder... I use Sacred Ashes mod (this one… to be specific) for my Leliana, hence slightly different looks. I also have Phoenix Armor for my Warden - DAO is a modding paradise... :D

Izalie Rowan, Molly Shepard, Ellara Cousland and Skaila Skaran © me
Casavir, Sand and Neeshka © Obsidian and Atari
Liara T'Soni, Garrus Vakarian, Alistair, Wynne and Leliana © Bioware
Lydia and Vigilance © Bethesda

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Actually, No.  When you RUN in Skyrim, you deplete your Stamina.  Once it's gone, you can no longer run, you can only walk until it replenishes, and you wheeze until you regain some Stamina.
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Mar-speedsmanStudent Digital Artist
Well that doesn't apply to all videogames. Just awesome RPGs were you could become your most awesome self.
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keldeomastersHobbyist Writer
I know that feeling...
well... maybe not so much now since I rarely game often anymore.
kurotenshililith's avatar
lol...story of my life...yet and I are freakishly similar hahahahha 
dailydragonlair's avatar
Heh heh too true :D Awww, Alistair with the little heart! ;) And the poor follower in Skyrim, forced to carry the burden, as usual :P
King-Of-Snakes's avatar
oh neeshka, easily my favorite neverwinter nights character
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DarkusRellingHobbyist General Artist
Ha, Garrus is adorbs.

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LostFigmentHobbyist General Artist
So much yes!:happybounce: 
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Should have been Fallout instead of NWN2!
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Esitaro3670Hobbyist Artist
True Story, also i like the part of Skyrim XD
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Why video games are worse than reality.
If you thought YOUR government was bad, you should see how these people handle a crisis.
It is often possible to rip apart someone's mind and turn them into a happy psycho cultist trying to kill everyone.
Unholy abominations trying to burn the world are actual things and not just the product of fevered imaginations of people who take certain parts of the Bible too literally.
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DracoAlpha General Artist
Oh boy, another one of those "video games are made by Satan and should be destroyed", wanks. Look kid, what does that tome have to do with the majesty of gaming?
Granten's avatar
Translation, I point just how messed up all our lives would be if it actually was real and not just a game, you don't seem able to handle it.

And I love that Satan bit, especially how you'd have to clearly not actually look at what I said in order to think it said anything like 'video games are Satanic'.

Tl;dr? Get a life and read what people say before you make dumb posts.
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DracoAlpha General Artist
Sticks and stones break my bones, but words never hurt me.
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That is an amusing comment that does not change the fact that you still didn't actually bother to check my first comment before you responded to it.
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DracoAlpha General Artist
Blah blah blah.
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AlumiFishStudent Writer
This is trie. So true. So true that i can't even describe it.

Oh and I was wondering; on a scale of one to ten, how much woudld you reccomend the games in this comic? Other than Skyrim, which i already have. I've been looking a bit into Dragon Age Origins. Is it really good?
Isriana's avatar
IsrianaHobbyist Digital Artist
I love Dragon Age: Origins so I might not be the most objective source but yes - if fantasy setting and RPGs are your thing you just can't go wrong with DAO. The other Bioware titles Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (not featured in this comic though) and Mass Effect series are very close to my hear as well, and Neverwinter Nights 2 is my very first RPG so I'll obviously treasure it forever. :XD: So yeah, I'd highly recommend all of these. If you were to pick only one, though, I'd say go for Dragon Age.
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AlumiFishStudent Writer
Thanks for the input! I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for any of those games! :D (Big Grin) 
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Yeah.....i was wondering how'd they keep running so endlessly
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GwendelynHobbyist General Artist
:rofl: True!
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I have never seen a drawing so accurate and relatable...until i saw this.
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JoeEnglandProfessional General Artist
Hah!  Yeah, that gets me too.  All I ever did in high school gym was jog and I was STILL the absolute worst runner in my class.  But play a video game and you'll hike a mile without breaking a sweat.  Wanna climb a mountain?  Be Lara Croft, you'll climb three on the way to an optional power up.
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