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I've played some SW:TOR this fall, and ever since I resumed the adventures of my Jedi Consular/Sage I've had a mighty need to draw some new stuff featuring her. So here's my girl, Avaleah Astralis, practicing her healing abilities in a Jedi Temple. She has had an affinity to mending things since the young age, and while she can handle herself in a fight well enough she's always trying to find a peaceful solution to situations (to Qyzen's displeasure, usually). Therefore I find Consular's main quest quite fitting for her - out of all things she could have specialized in, an ability to shield others from harm is definitely what suits her character best.
Plot elements aside, I've tried most of the classes by now and (while I enjoy all of them) I must say I really like playing as a healer. Even PvP (which I'm notoriously bad at) becomes more meaningful when I have a character that can actually do something more useful than hack an opponent a couple of times before dying... :XD: I should probably make even one tank character to see if that changes anything, lol.



Avaleah Astralis © me
my character from Star Wars: The Old Republic

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the first thing i actually thought of when i saw this image was that time when jaina solo was a kid (i dont remember specifically which book). the solo kids were captured and separated and locked into dark rooms, and jaina used the force to manipulate molecules in the air to create a little ball of light.