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The Alfar

"The Dokkalfar are respected as sophisticated students of magic and diplomacy, yet it is their alluring presence that makes them so compelling. The dark elves are the ultimate manipulators, controlling the actions of others from the shadows. A proud and insular people, the Ljosalfar strive to preserve nature and shape it to their will. The light elves resist change, flash-freezing their ancient homeland to keep it in an idealized, timeless state. The Ljosalfar revere the principle of Justice, fighting time and again to defend Amalur against chaos and darkness."

Source: [link] and [link]

I promised my brother :iconnazahnel: that I would finish this one next so here it is: a painting of our player characters from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. :D
The left one is my Dokkalfar (the dark elf) lass Wren, and the right one is my brother's Ljosalfar (the light elf) called Aragil. It's funny that usually in character creation we end up with complete opposites even when we play the same game (my paragon FemShep vs. my brother's renegade MaleShep in Mass Effect, my elven paladin vs. his dwarven berserker in DDO and so on). The fact that we both chose to be Alfar mages is probably the closest we've ever come to a consensus... :XD: Their approach to things is still different, though - when in trouble, Wren will probably try to trick and persuade whereas Aragil is more likely to smash in anyone's face who stands in the way.
Anyway, I hope you like it! :peace: Take a look at the close up for some more details.


:icondudeshibby: [link]
:iconlordandre: [link]

Pose references provided by Posemaniacs :pointr: [link]

Wren © me
Aragil © ~Nazahnel
Our characters from the game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

More Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning fan art here: [link]
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When you really just want to drop a meteor on the enemy. And then summon half a dozen lightning strike for good measure.
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Heh heh, nice! It's so rare to find Amalurian art and fiction these days. 
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My sister got me into this game over the weekend, it is awesome
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I liked these guys. Not just cause i was one of them. I'm sure i killed quite a few of them. I have no idea, you lose track after you've left 5000 corpses in your wake.
But mostly i love their regular clothes. Very pleasing.

The painting itself is very nice, although i wonder why the characters are depicted in lower level gear. Although some of it does get ridiculously ornate...

On a side note, how could you not be at least partly mage in this game? Magic is too much fun! And when you get Tempest, well...enemies might as well kill themselves.
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a race hardly worthy of this much attention - the alfar i mean. A successful piece, regardless.
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Well, it's not like there's abundances of choices in this game to begin with. Since it's either human or elf anyway, one might just flip a coin and see how it lands... :P Pretty much the only reason why I chose Dokkalfar was the skill bonuses - and that was before I realized that stealth isn't going to be much use for me in this game. Ah, well.
Nonetheless, I'm glad you like it!
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you do a good job drawling skyrim and amalur. Tales of Vesparia, Witcher 2, and Final Fantasys 10 and 12 have, in my opinion, better atmospheres, settings and stories, and they also have better supernatural creatures. They are all RPGs, and, I think, over 50 hours long each. Vesparia and "the Wither are action games, but the witcher has a world similar to skyrim's. :ahoy:
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Thank you! The Witcher series I'm familiar with (currently reading the book series) and I'm going to try those games at some point when I have more time... :D FF and Vesperia I will have to pass, unfortunately, since I only have a PC.
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KoA was great. The combat was the best I've played in years, and the story was nothing to scoff at. It's too bad that 38 Studios went up like the Hindenburg.
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I love playing as the Dokkalfar.
damn elves:|
Good work.
Why are so many people picking elves? Don't see logic of this choice:(
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they arent elves - not tolken elves, to be sure- they're the "Alfar". i wonder, can you kill most everyone in that game, because i could do that.
the fact that I was using "Jack of all trades" doesn't mean I was unable to put a lot of weight behind mine attacks. It just took longer. But also was a bit more challenging/interesting.+I don't have more problems with one type of enemies than with the other one.
It doesn't matter. Alfar or not, their creators/authors were human. Different look, different culture, but still same thoughts and feelings. I just find it strange that people choose elves because they are "more gracefull". It's not something that is given to some race and humans don't have. It's simply isn't given from birth. Elf or not.
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i believe i was a warrior/mage (i don't know what that would be) with poison attacks from the assassin's, which i used for bigger enemies. I played a female Alfar - pretty hot too. I just wasn't into the world. It was there own take on norse mythology, but it felt unnatural. The elves seemed to be a mix of classic norse mythology and Dungeons and Dragons, which is, besides being uninspired, just deluding everything even more.
The alfar weren't meant to be "more graceful", per se(although that's an easy conclusion to come to). rather, they were meant to be magical and possessing divine knowledge, like the classical interpretation of elves (alfar), and the dwarfs were meant to be structured; they had a system of belief in a scientific process, thus enabling them constructive thinking they would use to better the world. however, amalure is a world which needed a much slower presentation, and so the world was only made well enough for me to talk about how interesting the premises is. the history is but alluded to, and the characters are so over the top and rarely are we given enough time to be explored before they run out of dialogue options, leaving me shrugging, saying "well i guess that must be a dwarf." the story also suffers from the games crude design. Amalure was a game where i could kick ass, but couldnt care about anything.
and I liked Amalur. It reminded me of Fable:TLC.
"were meant to be magical and possessing divine knowledge" Once again something unreachable for "simple mortals".
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The combat kicked butt, sure. There are few things funner in video games than buffing yourself up with magic defense, damage reflection, and damage modifiers, and then smashing into a group of enemies with your hammer. The fire spell is also great.
The world of Amalur was magnificent and R. A. Salvator should probably continue the story of the world he's created, but there were parts of the game which needed to be stronger, atleast to do the rest of the game justice.
They went bankrupt. There will be no more Amalur unless someone will buy the rights.
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imprimis, yes they did; and most certainly, indeed.
Maybe EA will be a chap and do that for us... never mind.
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Bored of humans, maybe?
and you think that is the reason to take a imaginary race that is created by concentration on some human aspects and making distinguishing trait? No matter what race you will pick, it will still be human. Why delude yourself?
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I was joking. Personally it is down to personal preference, we play as actual humans so much in video games and while our characters pick up human traits, personally i like playing as a rogue, and to me having the pointed ears of the elf races seems appropriate, That and elves are just awesome (except Skyrim elves, that topped the Ugly-ratings in my book)
not as ugly in appearance as in character:)
I hate Thalmor.
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