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TESO: Pets For All



Some doodles of my newer TESO characters and their pets. I drew these months ago, but forgot to share them here for some reason... At any rate, here they are.

    :bulletgreen: Walks-in-Blossoms is the kind of fellow who attracts gentle woodland creatures on a Disney princess level (give in to the singing, Blossoms - you know you want to), so he usually has some kind of little critter following him around. Most often it’s a Bantam Guar, because those are just too cute for this world.
    :bulletyellow: Then there’s Zacarion who actively seeks, uh, less conventional animal companions. As a damage dealing Warden his skills already range from summoning Fetcher Flies to screaming Cliff Racers, and generally there’s no bug or beast or walking maw too vicious that he doesn’t consider it absolutely delightful. His current object of adoration is the Molag Amur Cliff Strider - a constantly screeching little pterodactyl ball of rage. Kind of like Snek, except with less endearing qualities.
    :bulletblack: Technically Sings-with-Ravens doesn’t have a non-combat pet yet because so far the game hasn’t introduced any bird pets (pssst, hey, Zenimax… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). Fortunately the Reaper's Harvest Crown Crate season brought some cool mementos to scratch that itch, and now she has a lovely murder of corvids at her beck and call whenever she needs them. They are absolutely not terrifying at all. Nope.

Walks-in-Blossoms, Zacarion Direnni & Sings-with-Ravens © me
my characters from The Elder Scrolls Online


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OMGosh, that middle one is totally my Draenei in World of Warcraft. "Oh, that is the fiery demon puppy I found in the middle of a volcano. His name is Cuddles. Oh, the giant maggot there? His name is George!"