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TESO: New Life Festival 1

By Isriana
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Some seasonal New Life Festival doodles while the event is still going on :xmas:

Noelie Morcant, Davius Martenus, Meirami & Zaraste Direnni © me
Tolendos Dreloth© Bethesda & Zenimas
from video game The Elder Scrolls Online


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© 2017 - 2021 Isriana
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hey now, that Nordic Bather's Towel is appropriate any time, any weather, anywhere, 365 days a year, and don't let anyone tell you different!
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oh gosh I some how missed all of these new pieces from you! I want to ask if you play on PC or Xbox because if you play on PC I want to be your friend!
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i know absolutely nothing about elder scrolls bt the 2nd panel is the cutest thing in existence
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Haha, they're adorable :D I love the first one :XD:
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These are awesome! :XD:
A real tragedy that this bit of Khajiit lore is completly ignored in the games. Here, have night vision and bonus claw damage. No family support either in the form of bigger liger uncle as both mount and protector or in the form of your own spy network of siblings hiding behind the guise of "simple" cats. "Because screw you, that's why!"©Bethesda

As for fishing as fast as you can, well... if you don't want to accept Redguard help and advice, there is still a bit more "shocking" solution just on the tip of one's fingers;)

Would have commented on bikini joke too, but... that side bag is dripping with something sinister and the material looks like skin torn off from someone 0_0
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These are great!  The kitties... so cute!  I'm guessing she had to hide the fish she was supposed to turn in!  <3
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Hahah they’re all hilarious and adorable
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Aw, the Khajiit one is cute :meow:
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