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TESO: A Thousand Quests

By Isriana
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"Making my way downtown, walking fast
Faces pass and - oh no, one of them is Stuga"

That alt character feel when you enter a town and the quests you've been neglecting run up to your face all at once :noes:

Meirami © me
Stuga, Bera Moorsmith, Adelle Montagne & the Prophet © Bethesda & Zenimax

from video game The Elder Scrolls Online


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© 2018 - 2021 Isriana
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pointman116's avatar

Good lord its true

2020 edition:

- You there! How would you like to do something worthwhile?

- Can you believe it? Dragons in your own homeland! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO

...and many others.

I wonder if they are ever going to stop with this practice, because if they keep doing this, at some point they are going to run out of space for their questgiving buggers.

gurumin's avatar
Love your works... may I translate them to Chinese?Want to share with buddies.
KonahrikB157's avatar
And every time Stuga tries to flag me down I just think to myself "Do you know how much longer you'll have to wait to actually talk to me?" I have a lot of content to do, wait your turn Stuga!
Lisez-Moi's avatar
There is no escaping the “do you know how long I have been looking for you” person in Audrion. The only reason I really go there anymore is when I am on a quest, They never fail to be by the wayshrine saying “Do you know how long I’ve been looking for you?”.
HotaruRed's avatar
I ignore the wrothgar quest on most of my characters so this is literally me. 
CSphire's avatar
I can so hear the song, "Making my way downtown" interupted by a record scratch. This is sooo relatable!
He-Only-Stands-There's avatar
I leave that cave for literally five minutes, and he calls me back to it. Hate that guy
CrownClowns's avatar
"fuck this shit, i'm out. fuck this shit, i'm out"
Bringer-of-Doom's avatar
"HALT! I HAVE BEEN SENT FOR YOU" and I am sending myself away from you, STOP STALKING ME YOU PERV
HaraSurya's avatar
I hate that Orc woman jumping you every time you walk by her. I simply don't like Orcs, blame Tolkien and Gary Gygax, and I simply don't care that Bethesda wants them to be good guys. The only good Orc is a dead Orc and unless doing those quests will let you bring ruin and destruction to the Orcish kingdom I simply have no interest.
The-Solarphobe's avatar
Two words: Preston Garvey.
Juristobe's avatar
"Making a way through the crooowd" of Quest givers XD. Very good
WTJohn's avatar
yep, i know this feeling ~ lol ^_^
CayceSianan's avatar
Stuga... that must be where my paranoia comes from x.x Run, poor soul, run!
TaylorNicoleReed's avatar
The eternal dilemma. 
ShoutFinder's avatar
Oh yes... "Do you know how long I've been looking for you?!" shall haunt my lowbies' dreams forever.......
Poor Meirami, hope she managed to get away :XD:
Yeah, hate how they set that up, I'll start the quest when i want to ESO
Dedalo-el-Hispano's avatar
Pretty much sums up the whole experience with most RPG's...
MaryHarrison's avatar
Oh yes... I know that feeling way to well ;)
SnyChampionsOnline's avatar
Oh my god...this is exacly what i've been so annoyed when ever im in my alts and i have 15 of them...god it gets so annoying when they run up to me all at once, it REALLY does...
tyrna's avatar
"Hold! I was sent for you!" No, get away! I want to go to the damn bank in Riften in peace!
As always, your comics make my day.
Eramis8's avatar
And this is why I just grind instead of sidequesting. Makes it harder on myself and means I'm not hounded by the quest givers/ quest chain.
supersanus's avatar
Reminds me of getting to level 10/unlocking your first Shout on Skyrim. Suddenly EVERYBODY is trying to recruit and/or kill you all at once.
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