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Skyrim: The Slowpoke

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Published: July 29, 2012
© 2012 - 2019 Isriana
It's all true, and I regret nothing!! :iconlawooplz: It was time well spent.

So yeah, I did just hit 200 hours with Skyrim - I probably would have made it earlier if it wasn't for the fact that I've hardly touched the computer during summer months (well, until very recently at any rate). In spite of all those hours I have barely made any progress with any of the major plotlines - something which frustrates the heck out of my brother ~Nazahnel. Discussing the game with me is virtually impossible since every other thing he mentions is followed by me yelling "NO! Spoiler! La la la la, can't hear you!"
So there you have it: two hundred hours spent on reading books, picking flowers, lockpicking chests and wandering around doing random stuff... I'm not even sorry. :XD:

Skaila Skaran and Bron Martes © me
Lydia and Marcurio © Bethesda

For more fan art inspired by The Elder Scrolls take a look at here!

Tumblr: [link]
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Gumzilla13 Artist
This is too relatable! XD
clawsofscorge's avatar
clawsofscorgeHobbyist General Artist
Marcurio roasting a marshmallow with a fire spell is now my favorite thing i've seen you draw in the background XD
PuppetXjeremy's avatar
basically me
just doing random crap, havent even finished any quest lines besides the companions
vinx909's avatar
2000+ hours, finished the main quest once on a playthough when i didn't take the game serius yet.
it's a TES game, no one cares about the main story.
rinim10's avatar
Clearly you never played Morrowind
vinx909's avatar
clarification. i don't care about the story in a tes game. the strength of a Bethesda rpg to me is that i can tell my own story which is simply more powerful that any story a professional story writer can com up with. not because it is better (it isn't) but because it is mine and i experienced it, without predicting the story. quests are pieces in the larger character based story to me. i know that not everybody plays this way (which my old comment indeed didn't cover) but this is how the games work for me.
heavenle0024's avatar
I'm not far in the main at all...I'm leader of the companions,I havw to. True emperor form the dark brotherhood questline,I'm already married...soooo I'm just waiting till I'm a level 20 to do crap
Megatronus117's avatar
Pffft i waited til 48 to do it! and died..... multiple times from death overlords.......
heavenle0024's avatar
Ik the pain.....I especially hate it when I save,them I died,and then I went into a death loop for no reason
kurotenshililith's avatar
i HATE the civil war quest..and since I'm doing a 2nd play through on PC (even though first game was never finished because I had to say goodbye to my beautiful lvl. 75 High Elf since we got PS4) BUT I did complete the MAIN MAIN quest so I KNOW what happens with Paarthurnax..needless to say, I am leaving that quest to the very LAST thing...maybe right before doing the stupid Civil war...which I did complete in my first play through, I was with the Empire, but then had a headcanon where I get betrayed by the Empire after I kill Ulfric, so I join the Dark Brotherhood and kill the Emperor (LOVED his and Ulfric's outfits!! Plus you can only get one of the Berenzhaia's (can't remember how to spell her name) shard on the Emperor's ship... anyways, I cannot bring myself to side with Stormcloacks because I love the Jarl of Whiterun too much.... he is such a noble sweetheart... plus Ulfric is a traitor to Thalmors anyways..and i HATE the Thalmors... I am about to do the Diplomacy Mission and I am dreading it... So far my absolutely favorite quest has been the Nightingale which I ALMOST completed (AGAIN) last night. I'm not a fan of the Dark Brotherhood... I guess I am just an honestly dishonest thief at heart...that's all I do in skyrim anyways...steal shit, sneak around caze I am too afraid to fight hahahah, hoard shit and collect every special item possible! 
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
So these 200 hours of your life has been: Completely wasted
Geosciful's avatar
The College of Winterhold inspired me to take my PhD more seriously.
Isriana's avatar
IsrianaHobbyist Digital Artist
Is it a waste if you're having fun, though? ;)
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MaestroMorteProfessional Traditional Artist
During my first playthrough, I actually forgot about the main quest entirerly, I had gotten sidetracked with the civil war and confused THAT for the main quest, so at one point, I found myself having overthrown the Empire and had no idea how to proceed. It took a bit of mission digging to remember I was supposed to bring the Greybeards their damn horn.
MildaKarg's avatar
MildaKargStudent Filmographer
My older brother got so mad when I told him that I hadn't meet Paarthurnax, he didn't speak to me for the rest of the day :D
thejazzienerd's avatar
thejazzienerdHobbyist Writer
That's my biggest dislike, and probably only dislike, about Skyrim. You can putter around for 200 hours and 50 levels, and by the time you get around to fighting Alduin, he's gone from invincible dragon to utter pushover.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
Well, from a real life perspective, you have not, and will never do anything when you play Skyrim. But real life is boring
KaylaMooseM's avatar
KaylaMooseMHobbyist General Artist
I didn't even go to report the attack on Helgen until I was about 100 hours in, most of that time was spent becoming Harbinger of the Companions and marrying Farkas...
Viporion's avatar
ViporionHobbyist General Artist
In game distractions are a very real thing.
I am only 540 hours in of which atleast 40 hours are playing traveling merchant.
It is just so fun to avoid questlines and play with characters.
ShoutFinder's avatar
ShoutFinderStudent Digital Artist
1280 hours and only three dead Alduins under my belt.
I spend way too much time finding Shouts... :P
dragonslayerman6's avatar
dragonslayerman6Hobbyist General Artist
I did have 500 or something under my belt but had to delete a lot of my charecters so i can have room for mor stuff on my xbox 360.
Lillydwight's avatar
LillydwightHobbyist Digital Artist
Dont worry, I have 667 hours
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Sude-BannerHobbyist Digital Artist
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