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SWTOR: Slight Exaggeration

A quick comic because I just took a little trip to Ord Mantell and was reminded of this situation... :XD: It seems that I'm big on poking at inconsistencies these days, but I just can't help myself. Really though, so many people made such a big deal out of that bridge being down and me having to swim across, and then all it took was literally five steps in knee-high water to get to Mannett Point, omg. I get that the shooting separatists are still an issue, but the swimming part... I stood there literally like:

I love this game and all, but boy, I don't know how this makes sense.

Seela Ven © me
Viidu, Lieutenant Xorem, Daek and Jaen Kett © Bioware
from video game Star Wars: The Old Republic

For more SW:TOR fan art take a look at here!


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Battledroidunit047's avatar
I was all meh about it, didn't pay much attention
crazyforchocobos's avatar
Now I gotta make a comic of my smuggler, Arrhen, reacting to the whole "water issue".
SirMandokarla's avatar
When I was getting to that point, I was looking forward to, and wondering how we would go about, swimming the channel. I figured I'd have a mission where I'd commandeer a small boat or somesuch. My disappointment was very much at this level.
Cousture's avatar
I love this... and I think the same thing every time I go there! ;-D
Kuro-Tsuki-san's avatar
I remember that... I thought it was just low tide. 
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Of all the starting areas Ord Mantell felt the most compressed. Wade around on Hutta or be awed by the landscape of Tython. Both were expansive and immersive. But then I think one of the plans must have been separate starting points for the trooper and smuggler and they then had to just mash them together in a more confused mess. All the other starting points felt more logical for the characters.
Naranekiel's avatar
since there is seperatist betwen that "river" an them it might be another trouble x)
suntiger745's avatar
I think swimming was supposed to be in the game originally but had to be cut due to time. Hence all water that doesn't kill you right away is wadeable.
And you get situations like that on Ord Mantell. :P
This character looks very much like my smuggler! 
EsquiruaSymouri's avatar
and this is why I defected to the empire 
Isriana's avatar
To be fair, a lot of them aren't sharpest tools in the shed either... :XD:

Imperial Officer: Damn dirty aliens! All of them should be put to death.
My ex-slave Cathar Sith Inquisitor: >:c
Imperial Officer: *pales* M-my Lord...
*chain lightning and screaming*
Ty294's avatar
But you have to admit that Ord Mantell has to be the dumbest planet in terms of collective IQ in the game. Stuff like this had me (and the person I was playing with) laughing our butts off.
Sephirath21000's avatar
This makes the stream in Battle Creek from Halo 1 look like a damn river... Battle Creek for crying out loud!!
RogueDragon's avatar
Microcosms, that's the only thing that my sister and I agree make sense. Everything is smaller in order to efficiently tell a story, but represents something larger. we keep reminding each other of this when we can't save everyone on a mission yet they say we do.
Dewdropz's avatar
I figured my smuggler was the only one smart enough to, you know, wait for this thing called 'low tide' which enabled her to simply walk across. ;o)
JasonRyder's avatar
That child is so cute! That is what my Jedi Knight would look like as a child!
GwDuncan's avatar
It because they never bothered checking the river before making that statement, they just assumed it was big and deep
Rain-and-Thunder's avatar
I remember this when I was playing as my Trooper.....still am though this is far behind me. I kept thinking "Must be some huge amount of water" then when I got there I was like "What? Is this it? Your shitting me right?" O.o
RinnKruskov's avatar
Yeaaaah, the foregrounding was reaaaaaally good at scaring me. I was excited I could swim. 
Bioware has never made swimming animation since forever (as far as I know)
....and much deep. so water.
Vodos's avatar
Oh that. Seems the deadly pirahnas were on vacation and somebody else rented out the fire truck with the hose.
NeroonCousland's avatar
LOL yes. Like all those times in a game when you find your way blocked by an obstacle barely higher than your knees.
Daughter-of-Shadow's avatar
Ahem... hydrophobia.  They all must have it bad.  :D  Where you see a puddle, they see an ocean.  Maybe it's even hallucinogenic?
Captain--KiKi's avatar
AHAHAHA!!!! I thought the same thing XD The only thing my smuggler would have an issue with is probably water getting into her cybernetics (maybe not idk how those work in that time period), but other than that it was a walk in the park going across there ... despite the separatists trying to shoot at you.
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