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On The Road

By Isriana
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Aaah, I can't believe I actually finished this. :faint: As most of you know, I worked through whole summer so I have had very little time for creating new art during past few months. This painting of my Breton sorcerer Noelie is one of the things that has been lying in my archives half-finished, waiting for me to get more spare time. I started this in the beginning of April and I've been working on it bit by bit during those busy summer months - and today, at last, I was able to give the painting some final touches and be done with it. I'm most pleased. :D
So, here's my wandering mage with her imgakin companion Jakarn (yes, I did name him after that Jakarn, kind of in the spirit of PotC's "we named the monkey Jack"), having a little break by the roadside. Looks like she has ditched her shoes again - I bet Wayrest nobles are going to be mortified if and when she saunters into High King's palace looking like that... :XD:

For more info about Noelie, see here:

Character Sheet: Noelie by Isriana

Noelie Morcant & Jakarn © me
from The Elder Scrolls Online

For more fan art inspired by The Elder Scrolls take a look at here!


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She's so pretty °o°
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So beautiful! The details are amazing.. ^^
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Love this so much! My character is a sorcerer also and I've been trying for hours to make a good image of her but that damn curly hair is so new to me that I can't nail it. Whats the secret?! I also love the idea of her just pulling up a seat on the roadside. Something I really do wish they could do in the game is enable a kind of 'hang-out' mode where your character will just do something natural like sit down or clean her weapon etc while the game menus are pulled up. More than that though I would love to see a camera mode that allowed for great screen shots of emotes in action at least. I could do some really terrific shots if I could zoom in and get the right angle on some of those...
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She might be adding a few butterfly wings to her inventory in a moment... Lovely work!
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It's a realy good artwork!
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I rather like the contrast between the chibi form, and the really detailed ones.
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Thank you! :D I'm happy to hear that, as I love doing both styles.
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I love the Details in you work fantastic. :)
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Thank you very much! :hug:
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You welcome :) all of you works are so fantastic.
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:heart: :love: I like this! Noelle looks so comfortable and relaxed there, it almost look like she's going to a picnic. :heart:
Once again: Details = plenty => Awesome! X3

I'm betting dat butterfly is going to regret floating closer to the pair soon though, if Jakarn's face and raised hand is any indication. :XD: :giggle:
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Gorgeous picture
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Shoes are overrated. Lovely picture!
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I spent a couple minutes on whether you posted this up before, because it looked familiar but of course you used (well a close up version) it in your character sheet. Also I'm sure the nobles won't mind. They don't seem to care about me being a werewolf and transforming right in front of them during a battle. But who knows maybe not wearing shoes is a bigger "no-no" in what they find mortifying list.
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Yeah, I used it in the character sheet (just updated it with the finished pic actually). Also, you might have come across some of the earlier versions of this on Tumblr... :D
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Yeah, I do remember seeing that last link now that I think about it.
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The road is better anyhow. :p
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On the road again....
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she looks very contented there, nice job :-)
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