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Lights In The Sky

Some northern lights near Solitude for you. Yeah, there have been lots of semi-speedpaintings in my gallery recently, I know. :D What can I say, I'm on a roll. I'm sure it passes soon enough, so worry not.

Anyway, I've been trying some slightly different painting techniques, and with this one I actually recorded big part of the process (and didn't even lose it, yay!) so if you're interested how this one came to be, feel free to take a peek at my LiveStream videos: [link] & [link] Unfortunately there is no video about the last part of the painting process which focuses on adding some final details and getting the colors right, but I'm sure you get the idea.

For more fan art inspired by The Elder Scrolls take a look at here!


Tumblr: [link]

Want to use this as a wallpaper for you desktop? Here is this speedpainting in few different sizes:

800x600 | 1024x768 | 1280x1024 | 1600x1200 | 1680x1050
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Absolutely gorgeous work. Just watching the lights was one of my favorite things to do in the game and listening to it's music play as it glowed. 
KiKiKoy's avatar
I love this one! Great job! :D
I am in awe. VERY beautiful.
FoolishLittleMortal's avatar
This looks so pretty! <3
I love the deathbell flowers. Everything else as well. But those flowers are a good finishing detail to show this is Skyrim.
thecommonchaos's avatar
The northern lights are so Beautiful i hope to someday see them.
Is that a deathbell I see?

-Dovahkin senses tingling, needs to pick plant.-
trish05's avatar
I'm in love with these!
vick330's avatar
It captures the peacefulness and beauty of Nature :clap:
SynneWarrior's avatar
At first my character's like: Wow.. that's kinda pretty..

then...*sees death bell in the corner*

theADHDkid101's avatar
This is really good. I like the touch you gave with painting the deathbell in the corner.
Bookofmatches's avatar
Your whole gallery is a Daily Deviation waiting to happen. lol Love it.
Isriana's avatar
Aww, thank you! :XD: :tighthug:
JosMir's avatar
OMG! This is absolutely awesome!! çWç
Isriana's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug:
JosMir's avatar
you're welcome^^
I really love your art :heart:
Gaspode5's avatar
Northern lights are magical and so is this painting. You got the light and colours just right.
Grimsone's avatar
Wow, thanks! This is really good wallpaper material.
Jei-Dinofelini's avatar
whoa this looks almost like a screenshoot!
andmonkeygirl's avatar
I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK WHEN I SAW THIS!!! omgawd...the lights are amazing!!! awesome job!! and is that flower the death bell? it looks awesome:)
EdyD's avatar
pretty colors!
muck1's avatar
My God it's gorgeous! At first I thought "meh another screenshot" - what a wakeup call!
Also, thank you so much for providing different sizes for wallpaper use.
ShariIsLikeWHOA's avatar
Man, I don't think there is anyone better at this than you :XD:
Tell me you have a job as a professional artist???

You have captured this perfectly! I love the deathbells in the corner =] one of my favorite plants in the game :XD: *sucker for anything purple :drool:*

I still stop dead in my tracks to enjoy this sight in the game, when I'm lucky enough to happen across it ^.^
Awesome painting. I love how you painted the auroras.

Also featuring my favorite plant in skyrim, the deathbell (well, according to the satchel near my alchemist table in breezehome, that is)
alteise's avatar
When the aurora blesses Skyrim with its presence I drop whatever I am doing and stare at the sky.
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