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Into The Light

By Isriana
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My first Oblivion themed painting! :dummy:
Here is my Imperial thief Brenna Martes finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel after a long and eventful crawl through sewers. Amulet of Kings in her pocket and a new (only slightly stuffy and moldy) armor on she makes her way towards the fresh air and freedom, deciding these are the last bars and rabid rats she's going to see for a long time... Obviously she couldn't be more wrong. :D Just see what happened next: [link]

:iconamorphisss: [link]
:iconredheadstock: [link]

Brenna Martes © me
my character from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

For more fan art inspired by The Elder Scrolls take a look at here!


Tumblr: [link]
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© 2012 - 2020 Isriana
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Gguywesker101Hobbyist General Artist

Looks amazing and it truly catches the feeling of wonder one has upon first exiting that sewer.

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Stunning. Makes me wanna replay Oblivion yet again.

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Best art for the best game
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FunhouseMirrorsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I just keep looking at this picture. The contrast of the light and dark is just so well done. :)
GreenAssassin22's avatar
Do you want to change anything about this picture?
Isriana's avatar
IsrianaHobbyist Digital Artist
Some of the bricks/tiles perhaps. There are a few perspective issues that escaped me at the time I painted this.
GreenAssassin22's avatar
'Twas actually supposed to be a joke, referring to the fact that you can change your character for the last time at this point. I do see what you mean, however. 'T still looks fantastic, though.
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OH MY GOODNESS, The nostalgic feels. Beautiful art work, I am in awe
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jodidovahkiinStudent Artist
Awesome :D
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I would love this as my wallpaper but my monitor is too damn large.
Nonetheless great work!
xiothus's avatar
I love this because it really feels like the game, but I can really feel how your influence is totally imbuing everything and giving it a childlike magical feel.
Famixofpower's avatar
Is there a background version?
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SimonsArtbookServiceHobbyist Writer
Oh! I thought this was from The Last of Us when I searched for "Look for the Light" because that was the FireFlies motto in The Last of Us. And Ellie is a good shot with a bow and has that particular hair style so I didn't expect this to be Elder Scrolls Related.
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U know, its like whats in my TAtT comic Part!
exotikras's avatar
That is amazing... it's just like I imagine... :)
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MisLuckHobbyist General Artist
I just talked with my friend about playing oblivion and I have done nothing but played sheogoraths kingdom over and over again for about... 8 times now? I guess I should play the game also?
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SkraP-RaptORStudent General Artist
that RAT! it's all LIES!!! Rage 
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IsrianaHobbyist Digital Artist
How so? :XD:
SkraP-RaptOR's avatar
SkraP-RaptORStudent General Artist
In Oblivion, rats chase cats (Khajiits) :D (Big Grin) 
Isriana's avatar
IsrianaHobbyist Digital Artist
True. :XD: They are very scary rats, though.
SkraP-RaptOR's avatar
SkraP-RaptORStudent General Artist
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otaku4242Hobbyist Artist
can i get a wallpaper sized version?
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One of the few times when you WANT to go into the light at the end of a tunnel.
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EpicFemShepHobbyist Traditional Artist
Gorgeous! <3 
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