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If My Dovahkiins Met: Meme Template

Empty template of my comic If My Dovahkiins Met. I don't know if anyone's interested in filling one but since a template like this was requested, I figured why not. So if you actually want to use this, download for full size and link back to the original when you're done. ;P
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This.Is.Amazing. I will do this, absoloutley. I wish I could draw digitally, though. I'll have to wait to get it printed out, then scan it all in. (It would help if I knew where my art tablet was, too..) Great work on this!!
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Definitely will (eventually) use this!!
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Completed - thank you! [link]
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(I'll stop asking technical stuff, sorry) Where did you get that Skyrim font? ;)
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The font is called Morpheus - I downloaded it from here: [link] :D
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Thank you! I really needed it for a template.
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No problem! :glomp:
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Damn I have to do this sometimes ^.^
I wish I could draw like you, your drawings are so awesome ^^
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I just might do one :D first, which Dovahkiins to use XD
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I did one! Thanks for creating this template. Please would you check mine out and tell me what you think: [link]
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Aw yeah! Definately gonna be doin' this ... Once I get power back ^_^
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I would love to do this, but I can't draw whatsoever.
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Aww, that's too bad. :petting:
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