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Character Outfit Meme: Bron

By Isriana
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Whoo, it's a double post day. :dummy: I've been mainly working on commissions past couple of weeks so I haven't had much time for personal artwork, but I couldn't resist doing this meme when I had some spare time. Frankly, all this was just an excuse to draw Bron wearing my Nightwish shirt (not to mention a monocle and a tophat). :XD:

Thanks to ~solfieri for the original template! :pointr: [link]

Bron Martes © me
Taarie © Bethesda
from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Tumblr: [link]
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© 2012 - 2021 Isriana
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Nightwish. Yes.
Martericwill's avatar
the last one is the best :D
LinkWannabe42's avatar
YOOOOO, NIGHTWISH!!! *High fives*

Been going through these comics for a bit, and I gotta say, I love your character and your art style :3
MidnaWolf6658's avatar
This is pretty cool! :) And Nightwish! :D
redwolfradolf's avatar
You like Nightwish? Awesome!
DarinBrony's avatar
Favorite for Nightwish.
Slenderman-6781's avatar
t'was that an amulet of zennithar I saw in "Casual"
Isriana's avatar
Yes, it is. :XD: Bron wears it for that sweet 10% improvement in prices.
Slenderman-6781's avatar
I thought it was :XD: and I do the EXACT same thing. Zennithar is kind to the thieves guild isn't he?
Isriana's avatar
Yeah - which is a bit ironic considering that he's a Divine of earnest work and honest profit. :XD:
Slenderman-6781's avatar
I really don't care who he helps, so long as the amulet keeps giving us sweet deals on stuff, I could care less XD

it is quite strange though XD
DoomBringerr666's avatar
very nice. my Dovahkiin's causal outfit is forsworn armor because very little is covered, its like walking around in boxers  
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This is really funny and cool.
Myrethy's avatar
HOLY FRUG NIGHTWISH!!! :squee: :happybounce: :heart: :glomp: I love you now.
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Amazing-person-yes's avatar
F yeah AC.
I swear the nightingale armour is made to look like it..
Bizenghast101's avatar
I do this with my character too. She wears casual stuff most of the time.
Squiddinator's avatar
Classic-Dave's avatar
For my armor choice, i usually use the Steel Plate armor, or the Heavy Falmer armor you get in Dawnguard.
Blue1710's avatar
Oh hey! I use that type of clothing for my character's Casual suit too!
winged-panther's avatar
*looks at his cosplay*If you tell me there is a mode for one of those...I'll cry many tears of happiness
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