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Brother And Sister

By Isriana
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Just some quick Fable III fan art featuring King Logan and his younger sister, the princess and the Hero of Brightwall (whom I decided to call Lilias, even though you can't actually name your character in the game). I wanted to draw her at least once in a way she appeared in the beginning of the game, before all customization and appearance changes that happen along the game.
I've actually had this game since the last fall but thanks to Skyrim and other stuff I haven't had time to play it that much. I'm still roaming the streets of Bowerstone, doing fetch and courier quests for every random beggar I come across, and shooting down those horrible garden gnomes. One day, when I have the time I might actually go and take Logan down - meanwhile I'll have fun running around as a renegade princess with a badass rifle and a sparkly sword. :D

Logan & Princess © Lionhead Studios
from Fable III


Tumblr: [link]

More Fable 3 fan art here: [link]
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fucking love fable III and love this art
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This is brilliant. And has inspired me to give Fable III another play. :)
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Love it! Could you please make a princess and elliot one too!!!! ^_^
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Ah, Fable III. Yes it was sorta dissappointing but i still had my fun with that game.
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It's just so nice to know there is somebody else out there who's as happy as I, just pottering around doing side quests and well, basically bugger all, in her games. Oh yes, and nice picture. The expression on Lilias face is very good, apprehensive and just right in comparison to the arrogance on her brothers face.
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Wow this is great!
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Yeah! You went Fable on us too!
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Beautiful artwork, as usual :D
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Have fun playing it and beating it when you get around to it. :D It's a very awesome game, even though Fable II is my favorite between it and III. :XD:
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Damn, that was just the idea lingering in my mind... gotta go draw 'em. But first - Fable 2 needs finishing...
Good one.
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This game... This game was the one that brought me to swear I'm not playing anything else with spanish voicing. They could call it "how to crush, burn and then pee over a good original voicing".

Besides that, I had quite the fun. Have you met the couple trying to divorce? I did their quest between facepalms and plain laughs :XD:
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Outch, that sounds bad... :XD:
Yeah, I met that couple and couldn't resist meddling either - it was just too delicious to pass! My favorite quest so far has been those three wizards playing a tabletop RPG in Bowerstone Market, though... I pretty much chuckled whole way through that quest. :lmao:
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Oh, yes! Those chickens :XD:
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Ah, another game I enjoyed :D
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Yeah, it really is fun - it's somewhat different from other RPGs I've played but maybe there's just the charm. :D
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One of the things I liked best about the second one (this is still true in the third one, but to a lesser extent) was the amount of customisation you could have. Although there were various story events you had to have, what happened in-between was up to you. The first Fable had so much charm.
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Cool to see some Fable III art.
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Thanks! :w00t: I hope to draw more in the future.
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ASKAFJDKGAA My reason for coming onto DA was Fable! This is what you call nostalgia...
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Well, I'm glad you liked it! :dance:
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Love it! Although I liked Fable II more than Fable III c:
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Thank you! Too bad I won't be able to compare since I only have a PC... :P
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