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Amalur Underground Speedpaintings

Speedpaint ~30-40 minutes each
Few screenshots used as references

Another set of quick speendpaintings, this time inspired by sceneries from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. :D I like those swirling shapes and fairytale-like colors most underground areas in this game provide - everything Fae-related especially.
And this time the leafy tree looks almost like a proper tree! Yay! :dummy:

Brushes used: :iconspiritsighs-stock: [link]


More Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning fan art here: [link]
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Wonderfull T.T
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gosh its so pretty. I wish I could draw like that, I have so many panles I want for a story I have in mind (god willing it gets off the ground).... *sigh( these are wonderful.
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You know who wrote the story for this?
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Yup, R.A. Salvatore. I have his Dark Elf trilogy and various other volumes in my bookshelf... :D
TheLugia702's avatar
My favorite author. I actually met him.
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I like how everything has a bit of glow. Works as a great contrast. ^^
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This game is full of shiny, glowy stuff - I love to paint sceneries like that... :D
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Absolutely gorgeous. How do you do it? These are amazing! Such beautiful scenery, I love the way you painted the glowing lights and the trees... wow. <3
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Aww, thank you so much! :hug: I'm glad you like them!
It's lots of fun painting sceneries from this game - it's so colorful and full of glowing stuff... :meow:
Xephinetsa's avatar
My pleasure! :huggle: It is~
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There's nothing else quite like pulling of a tactical chicken assasination
It's a flashy explosion, person goes flying(dead) for miles so no body, and best of all no bounty :D
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Oh wow for such a short time done they are amazing! I couldn't even hope to get anything this good over several months xD.

I still reckon exploding chickens on skyrim is the most fun i've ever had in a game. (Hint Hint KoAR modders) xD
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Aww, thank you so much! :boogie: I'm glad you like them!
I wish indeed it was possible to get some cool mods for KoA:R, but I guess it's not very modding friendly game since I haven't come across a single one yet...
Radzaarty's avatar

How new is it? If it's very new then maybe it will just take some time :)
Isriana's avatar
In the beginning of February, so it is quite new game - so far I've only come across a hardcore mod, but maybe there will be more good stuff in time... :D
Radzaarty's avatar
I hope so ^-^
I've recently come across a mod for skyrim that adds Elysweyr :D
Isriana's avatar
Ah, that sounds awesome! :D I'll have to look that up when I have some time. Damn studies keeping me from Skyrim! :shakefist:
Radzaarty's avatar
I have the same problem! Although a tad less as it's yr11 of highschool and not uni :P
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I'm guessing you like it then?
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Well, I've currently played a bit over twenty hours and so far I'm liking it. Game mechanics work smoothly, design is pretty, and as far as the story goes I'm currently on my way to ask High King Titarion what's all the fuss about the Codex of Fate... :D Only thing I'm not very fond of is how enemies keep respawning to locations I just cleared couple minutes ago. Not that killing them is difficult or anything, but having to fight through the same army of boggarts, barghests and brownies every time I want to visit Didenhil just gets old after a while... :P But altogether, it's a fun game.
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Haha, I dunno. I spend almost all my spare time staring at the computer screen and doodling stuff... :XD: I lead a very exciting, exciting life.
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