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Amalur Fae Speedpaintings

Speedpaint ~1-1,5 hours each
Screenshots used as references

I really like the designs of several different Faes in KoA:R and I felt like painting few of them. This little collection features some of the Fae NPC's you have to battle against, and whose designs I've found memorable and/or otherwise fascinating. From up to down the characters are Maid of Windemere, Gadflow and The Widow.


More Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning fan art here: [link]
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Angry gadflow.
The fey were interesting. They were elves but not elves at the same time and I enjoyed how all the courts were decided. The house of ballads was a great starting point.
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I loved that game so much ! I'm so sad that there never will be a second part . . . Waaaah! 
hypnox77's avatar
I was always a bit disappointed that the widow didn't have all that much of a unique look. She could have been so cool...
You did a great job with this. :)
Fell-Atio's avatar
I wonder how surprised The Widow was when she realized she won't reincarnate. If she at all realized it, before being unwoven like a raggedy wool sock. Love the pictures, how I wish I could do anything like that.
Mystic-LightsCx's avatar
Kingdoms of Amalur! x3

I didn't think anyone else played it x3
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Very beautiful. It's too bad we'll likely never see the true extent of Amalur. :(
Isriana's avatar
Thank you! :hug:
I'm really hoping that some other company will continue the project at some point... It would be a shame to waste such potential!
Farseer40k's avatar
I hope CDProjekt or even Obsidian snatches it up before EA can make an abomination of a sequel.
Isriana's avatar
And then chop the game into pieces and sell about 60% of the content as five or six DLCs, each worth additional 30-40 bucks... :P
Farseer40k's avatar
ShadowStar00's avatar
If I were the ex-employees, I'd be filing a lawsuit!
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I love the way you painted the fae's,and that there is more artwork of KOA
Isriana's avatar
Thanks a lot! :boogie:
Kwenos's avatar
I'm not sure if I should comment just to say they look great, but they do...
Isriana's avatar
I'm glad you like them! :D
Radzaarty's avatar
From what i can see in the speed-paints(Which are absolutely brilliant as always) KoA:R has a very different feel to skyrim, it seems darker in some way?
criplaysooflay's avatar
Fuuuuck i need to get employed again so i can afford this game... i was hooked after playing the demo. but i digress... this is great stuff!!!
TheViollet's avatar
Faes, I love them! I didn't want to do quest line of their House of Ballads at first, but I did and I have no regrets.
And I remember The Widow too. I liked her and it I didn't want to kill her at first, but I wanted to have a house in that goddamn village :D.
Anyway, nice picture :D.
EineKrone's avatar
Wow. If you call these "speedarts" you're even more talented than I thought.

And I thought you were, like, veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery talented.
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Beautifully done. I love all of the detail. :)
CrystalSabre's avatar
Looks cool. Funny name, though: Gadflow. lol
Lweeling's avatar
It looks gorgeous, I like the way you paintend it. =)
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