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I hope you like it!... I need comments!!!

The first sketch is here. It's an old sketch, and i've changed some details...

This drawing appears in the online virtual world "Second Life", in the City of Lost Angels, in the Church of Lilith. It's an honour... Thanks a lot to ~MariahSyn for telling me.
You can find a screenshot here.


Este dibujo aparece en el juego virtual online "Second Life", en la ciudad de Lost Angels, en la Iglesia de Lilith. Es un honor... Muchas gracias a ~MariahSyn por contármelo.
Podéis encontrar una captura de pantalla aquí.
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I'm not good at doing things like this but here it goes, I absolutely love this. The hair has more than one color in it, the tentacles are different dark colors, making them seem real. Everything is wonderfully shaded and drawn. I don't think that anyone could do this any better than it is now. It is very original and i love how you have drawn her facial expression. She looks seductive yet strong. She could make the strongest soldier in the world bow down to her whims. Now i have not heard much about her but i don't think that ANYTHING will change my opinion on this. Not even a gun to my head. The impact is perfect. Just absolutely perfect.
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I have been enchanted by this picture since I first saw it over on Tim's The Otherside Blog. I keep coming back to look at it. Your color choices are fantastic, the composition is great, it's sexy without being vulgar. I also really like the texture on the tentacles. Her face feels very natural and evil. I also really like the details on things like the fingernails and runes in the background. Lilith's skin tone also gives a nice other worldly impression without just looking pale. The green eyes and the freckles just absolutely make it for me. It's wonderful!
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This is about as perfect as I have seen.

I love that you made her a red-head, it calls back to the old myths, but also the Pre-Raphalites such as Lady Lilith by Rossetti.
The tentacles of darkness are a nice touch.
I love the look on her face. It is a combination of malice, seduction and strength of purpose. This is not just a woman, this is a force of nature. She could walk naked through a war zone and none would dare touch her.

I only have one con, and it is not even a big one.
I love what you did with her navel and the curl around it, except she shouldn't really have a navel at all. Minor, minor nit-pick.

Otherwise I love it.
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I don't know much about art, but this just about takes the cake. Also, f*** the guy who stole this, he should go to jail for life. I don't really know what to write now, so I'll just fill in the spaces with "a's". a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
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Simple impression, I like it, especially her smile it has a kind of 'yes, I am here' and her eyes have a cold stare.

The tentacles could be interpreted several ways and I am I not sure what you wished to convey.
My first impression is they forcing her upwards from her realm to our world, the second has an almost sexual overtone as if they are caressing her, I would appreciate if you would with me what you wished to convey. The back ground has an interesting significance I am unsure if it is Hebrew text but this links very well with the legend. I can almost envision this is a 3rd party view of a rite summon her and she rising with a sense of purpose her facial expression is almost one of superiority. Bottom line very creative and shows a great talent.

Many thanks for sharing this with us.
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Thanks to you for that good critique.
The interpretation of the drawing is fully free, just say that the background is old hebrew, a real and antique plate that talks about the mith of Lilith.
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Secret World Lilith? :P
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SO AMAZING! I love the energy of the tentacles and her expression is flawless!
Hi Isra! I'm interested in using this artwork in my web series - we retell the Lilith myth as a prologue to a show about a modern day sexually liberated woman. Would you be happy for us to use it? You can email me at Here's some info about the show:…
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Creepy, sexy and beautiful! Love Clap 
I like redheads and green eyes ladys
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:happy: Good job on the black tentacles and the woman. 
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I see that this is an older pic; but, as your "comments" section still requests opinions on it, I thought I'd take a moment to offer one.  It certainly deserves the attention!

To begin with, I can't convey what an excellent choice you made in updating the character's expression from the old sketch.  The original was a fairly run-of-the-mill "Look at my evil power!" look - and I think it would have resulted in a fairly blasé finished image.  By contrast, the coloured pic displays a much greater depth of complexity.  She doesn't just look dark and powerful, but also aloof, proud and amused.  This latter, I think, is what gives the piece such a strong draw - as it offers a wonderful contrast.  Also, there's probably some psychological factor there, as it makes the subject seem just a -little- bit approachable - which makes her even more scary.
I also love what you've done with the subtle muscle tension.  It gives the feeling that the character is in the act of raising her arms to...  what?  Summon some greater force, make a grand gesture, offer embrace?  Again, it's the multifaceted and rather cryptic nature of the question that makes the gesture so interesting.
From a technical standpoint, I'm not normally a fan of centered images when it comes to composition (I'm normally a much bigger fan of the Rule of Thirds/Golden Ratio).  However, this one is an exception.  Putting the character smack in the middle would seem to defy what makes "good" composition; but the way you've thrust her head up into the top sector of the pic adds to that dynamism I mentioned when I mentioned the muscle tension.  Add to that the amount of space you've given the writhing tendrils, the contrapposto set of the character's hips and shoulders, the climbing smoke and the way you've raised her above-center on the spiral writing in the background, and one is left with a strong impression of natural, organic motion - disquieting motion at that!

On the whole, the impact of this image is magnificent!  There are a couple of shortcomings; the anatomy of the forearms and hands are a bit off, for example, and the character's left knee (viewer's right side) should be higher due to the raised hip - but these take a great deal of nitpicking to notice.  In my opinion, the detract very little from the overall effect.  Besides; this image is like seven years old; picking on shortcomings is rather moot, I think.  :)  That in mind, I will close with a final "Well done!" and a "Thank you for sharing!"
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if i was adam, she sure could lay on top of me.. Heart 
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damn thats hot
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Now that's a BRILLIANT interpretation for Lilith - I love it! :D
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This is fine work. You did an excellent job. It would make a great book cover. 
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"Liliths" & "Eve's" exist!
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debo mamartelo. que obra amigo. saludos. Amo a lilith
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