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Gosh You're Pretty

By Ispod4
I sense subversion somewhere, but I can't pick it out. =.=;

The origins of tiny people seem surprisingly similar across different cultures:
    - Old couple wants kid
    - Wish is granted
    - Child is really, really small

What if... there's TRUTH to the stories? :icondramaticplz:
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(Am I really the first one to point this out?  Well...all right.)
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soon she will be pretty pretty
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"Tell Shanghai she is prettiest princess...NOW!"
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Shanghai was Shanghaied
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I don't understand.
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In the 18th-19th century there was a practice at port towns.  Crews needing members would wait for a man to pass out drunk.  When they woke up they would find them self miles out to sea as a member of the crew.  People around town would say the man was Shanghaied.  Her name happens to be Shanghai, but in a sense she was herself Shanghaied.
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So who is gonna be the prettiest princess?
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Dollie dress up with a dollie sized youkai.
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If it's true, then God is a midget.
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