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I know I just posted a price sheet, but after taking a couple commissions, I realized how flawed that sheet was, and I want to be as up-front with my clients as I can. Hopefully this will be more clear, and provide closer estimates of what my commissions will cost. Please also read my Terms of Service before ordering a commission.

TIERS I OFFER (click the titles or thumbnails for examples):
:bulletpurple: Sketch  Sketch example by iSpazzyKitty
:bulletpurple: Lining  Lining example by iSpazzyKitty
:bulletpurple: “Flat” Colors (including what would still be a gradient without light hitting it)  Flats example by iSpazzyKitty
:bulletpurple: Full Shading and Highlights  Full shading and highlights example by iSpazzyKitty
  :bulletpurple: +Background (optional add-on at any tier)(default is a quick splash background)

I work for $10 an hour, so I cannot provide you with an accurate price until I have finished. However, I can give estimates to help you determine whether you might be able to afford it.

:bulletpurple: Sketches tend to take from 30 mins to an hour, so they’re usually $5-10.
:bulletpurple: Line art takes much longer, and can range from $25-50 I would guess.
:bulletpurple: The flat-coloring stage doesn’t take long, so I would say it would cost around $5-15 more than line art.
:bulletpurple: Many layers go into the shading and highlights process regardless of drawing complexity, so those prices can get pretty hefty.
:bulletpurple: Backgrounds are like second pictures to me. They need to be sketched, lined, colored, and shaded as the foreground does.

Time is everything for an hourly rate, such as what I charge.

:bulletpurple: The more layers required, the longer I’m likely to take. So if your character has a lot of clothing or details or colors, that could factor into the time.
:bulletpurple: The more characters I have to draw, the longer it will take.
:bulletpurple: If I have to draw a background, that will take longer.
:bulletpurple: If I am unfamiliar with what I’m drawing, it may take longer, but I’m not sure.

HOW TO PAY (taken from my TOS):
To avoid getting completely scammed, I will charge a flat down payment depending on the tier. Here are the flat rates:

:bulletpurple: Sketch = $3
:bulletpurple: Lining = $10
:bulletpurple: Flats = $20
:bulletpurple: Full Shading and Color = $35

I will calculate the final price after I’ve finished, only adding time spent actively drawing/coloring (so no extra time for my goofing off or breaks). If my final price is higher than the down payment, I will subtract the down payment from the final price and you will owe me the difference. If, for some reason, the down payment turns out to be more than the final price, I will refund the difference. You will receive the completed commission when you’ve paid the full amount.

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Unend Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I appreciate that you're shooting for a fair system but imo you should probably just try to make the switch to a flat price for each level of drawing. All the calculations and uncertainty about the final price will make people apprehensive about buying commissions which I'm sure wasn't what you were going for!
If you want to divide it up further than just by sketch tier you can add separate prices for simple vs complex design commissions. 
My personal recommendation is charge higher for the low tiers and then have a smaller incremental increase for each tier ($10 more per tier or something idk) go up. It helps you make a minimum decent amount and clearly communicates the price for potential buyers. 

Of course, it's totally up to you and I wish you all the best! :D I'd commission you myself but university has been eating up a lot of my money these past couple years, but hey maybe after I graduate in 2 years I'll shoot you a message XD. 
iSpazzyKitty Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I've considered it, but I've been advised against underselling myself by not charging at least minimum wage, especially since commissions don't give me as much money or as reliable income as a normal job would.  I am concerned about the points you brought up, though, because I would likely also be unsure about buying a commission that didn't have specified flat prices.  I'm hoping to counter that in the future by getting a better idea of how long each stage takes, but I seem to have trouble guessing how long the whole thing will take.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you like my art enough to think about possibly commissioning me in a couple years haha.  Take care. ^^
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Submitted on
August 24, 2017