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Content Warnings: There's a LOT of gore in this, including dismemberment and eye horror. There are also several allusions to Dicro's... questionable sexual tastes, though there's no actual sexual content involved. I swear this is a wacky comedy story, guys. Really!

I've been working on this on and off for a while, but I finally started really pounding it out last night. Like, 3 AM night. It was wild, but man oh man I just couldn't stop writing. It was a lot of fun! Nette and Dicro are two of my favorite OCs to write with, so it was honestly a real treat. I've also pretty much never written a full-fledged action scene before and I've always wanted to, and Dicro's arsenal of abilities combined with his personality made it really enjoyable! I really liked writing this story so I hope you'll enjoy reading it!!!!!!!

On top of all that, Maple Manor is an RP setting a lot of my friends are involved in, so this story includes a lot of their OCs!

Ansaiele belongs to :iconroses-of-calamity: -…
Tourmaline belongs to :iconlowerletters: -
Meito belongs to :icontsukicds:
Jeni belongs to :icontelsaismaiwaifu:
Lilianae belongs to :iconbobzearth42:
Alexis belongs to my pal picc who doesnt have an account here even an inactive one as far as i'm aware rip

Everyone else in the story belongs to me!

Other stories involving these characters:
Toxicology Report[[1]]
Dicro Corrune had made a horrible mistake.
It was around 10 o’ clock at night and instead of studying for his language exam two days from now (and God knows he needed to) he was sitting across from Ignis in his office, grading his papers for him. That wasn’t the mistake, though. That was Tuesday.
It was Dicro’s suggestion in the first place, if one defined “suggestion” as “an off-handed joking comment that Ignis picked up on and Dicro agreed to with a shrug”. Ignis wasn’t exactly the greatest when it came to grading papers… or reading them, for that matter. As far as Dicro could tell, he had far more important things to be working on. That was just like Ignis, always planning something. Knowing him, he was probably plotting out some sort of chart that included all of Hell College’s students and faculty, linking them together on a scale grander than anything Dicro would have ever imagined.
Or, judging by the vaguel
Sympathetic ResonanceIt started at a typical Saturday night party, with Dicro face-down on a piano and completely wasted.
“That was a nice sound,” Dicro thought to himself. He tentatively fingered two of the keys, pressing down back and forth as though going for a walk. It was a mindless act, really, but it was an act that he found himself enraptured by. For about an hour. Maybe more. It was all sort of a blur and when he woke up the next morning the imprints of the keys were firmly dug into his face, so he assumed he had been there for quite some time.
Today, though, he couldn't even bring himself to do something so simple. He just sat there, one hand frozen in an awkward hover just above the keys while the other shook with the desire to pull the first back. Every so often a finger would twitch slightly, like he was really going to go for it, but in the end his anxiety won out. There were too many people around, anyway. They didn't deserve to be subjected to that. Yeah, the whole thing
The Voting GameIt was a slow night at Hell College's branch of Chiro's Pizza, just like every Saturday night. For most pizza places the weekend was the busiest time of week, full of families and friends getting together to kick off a night of fun, but on Saturday night that privilege was reserved for one friend group only. Even in a place like Hell College they were feared, spoken of in whispers and only in the safety of idle gossip:
The carpool.
Places had a way of clearing out when Ignis – Professor Phasmatis to students with an investment in their own existence – started frequenting them. He wasn't the sort to show mercy to anyone who bothered him or to care about collateral damage, especially in an environment as relaxed and morally questionable as Hell College. By this time in the semester even freshmen who had never taken a class with him knew the best way to avoid incurring his wrath: stay out of his way. Don't even get near his way. Just... get as far away as physically pos
Never Have I Ever...“It's called 'Never Have I Ever'!”
“Oh no.”
It was another Saturday night at Chiro's Pizza that saw the Hell College Carpool alone with nothing but a party game an impending feeling of doom. Dicro knew there was something suspicious about innocent, child-like Thyx being swapped out for local shameless world-devourer Istra, and now his worst fears were confirmed. He was confronted with another party game. His ultimate enemy. He felt humiliated already and Ansaiele hadn't even opened the box yet.
“So, about the rules...” Ansaiele began, scooching into the booth and sandwiching Dicro between her and Istra.
“Well, I was picking out a game to play earlier with Istra, but when we got back to campus the little rules thingy and some of the cards were missing...”
“I ate them,” Istra bluntly admitted.
“...So I made up some new rules! Hopefully they'll be just as fun!” Ansaiele continued.
“Considering this doesn't invol

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