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well i was writing a worldbuildy thing about the dragons in one of my universes and got to dark dragons and wound up thinking about their abilities and then spend two hours writing this story in my head and then i wrote it! hooray! been a while since i wrote anything

this story is about the first meeting of gerlinde and rochelle gabbrostea, the parents of one of rpg hell's main characters (breccia) which is all p meaningless bc i don't have many details about them or rpg hell up here in general So...

either way this story requires 0 universe context and in fact might probably better read without it?? please enjoy a pretty weird and kind of a bummer beginning to a surprisingly wholesome love story

might write a follow-up story that takes place shortly after this one because i enjoyed writing about them a lot and something about them that's a bit lighter would definitely be fun!
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disturbedAnimatusHobbyist Writer
I really liked this piece! Having 0 universe context really did help, since I felt like I was able to come to my own conclusions about Gerlinde and Rochelle. The opening was really quite atmospheric and gave me a good sense as to what was going on. I could really vividly picture that steady plunge into the cave!

The emotions when Gerlinde was having her breakdown too were just so raw and powerful, the descriptions used too were super effective at getting her distress across! Overall I found this really interesting to read through! You obviously put a lot of thought and time into this!