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Castalinde Reference

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(casually copypastes description from tumblr)

another ref sheet! this one’s for castalinde, a chastity slime who’s a native of the chastity layer of heaven college’s labyrinth but who found herself unwelcome as the school underwent a rapid shift into despising all monsters, even pacifistic ones like her. instead of fleeing, castalinde was granted a special staff by the humility overking, humilia, and set out to help the monsters in heaven college’s labyrinth find refuge elsewhere.

castalinde’s staff has the ability to transport souls, hence the perpetual glowy light! she can capture and release these souls as needed to help smuggle those in need out of dangerous places. the staff also allows her to teleport between a few points, though these points are unknown - and she’s glad for it, considering she needs to stay a cryptid for her plans to work.

she’s also versed in a number of forms of “pacifistic combat,” ranging from the creation of barriers to the dulling of emotions. she’s has a wide variety of healing spells as well. chastity slimes, like other chastity-class angels, have the ability to absorb sinful emotions and impulses from those around them, and castalinde is no exception; just being around her can instill someone with a sense of inner peace.

though to many she comes off as very serious and paranoid, it’s only due to the importance of her mission and the effect heaven college’s betrayal of her species and others has had on her. she’s actually incredibly kind, caring, and gentle, and anyone she rescues or otherwise comes to the aid of will know this. to everyone else, though… she just can’t afford to let her guard down.

i rly wanna draw more chastity slimes bc they’re fun… they combine the aesthetics of brides and nuns and pleasant garden fixtures but the white on white on white makes them kinda challenging for a novice like me to color and still look anything like a slime… also im sorry about the staff drawing straight lines is hard, im too gay to draw things straight

Program Used: Clip Studio Paint Pro
Time Taken: uhhhh i spent a lot of time slacking off but there were definitely several hours in there as i am bad at art

Castalinde belongs to me! You can read more about her here:…

EDIT: linkin humilia here bc she's here now and related
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