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2019 Sketches and Doodles

By Isoprene
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i didn't really draw any Real pics in 2019 just a lot of sloppy stuff and half-attempted ref images which is a shame but i just never had spoons and time at the same time + my laptop doesn't have a cd drive and trying to download the driver for my ancient cryptid tablet required friends to help me go on a big sleuthing journey to find the official website in a different website and see what worked, and technically the driver works fine except for every 10 minutes about on the dot my tablet will freak out and send my lines all the way to the top left of the screen so i have to keep unplugging it and plugging it back in and it basically makes drawing very unappealing... add to that that my job gives me hella wrist strain and you've got a recipe for me never just sitting down and drawing and only being able to throw together sketches when i do

ANYWAY credit for the folks in the bottom right: the horse friend belongs to :iconnumbers-story: and the demon pal belongs to :iconkannayui:

ok there are also some ocs from other friends but none of these have labels or anything so crediting them would be a pain srry roz, papes, and picc (not that anyone i know rly uses deviantart much anymore. sobs gently.)

but otherwise the majority of these are my ocs, feel free to ask abt the ones you think look cool if you're into that kind of thing
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